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SUPP Youth Chief Michael Tiang said opening up is timely 

SUPP Youth Central Chief, Michael Tiang reckoned that it is indeed a timely decision for the federal government to allow businesses to fully operate starting from May 4. 

Since the implementation of MCO on March 18, he added, our economy had to come to a halt for almost 7 weeks and such economic stand still had drastically destroyed many’s livelihood. By allowing businesses to start fully operating, the government is addressing the people’s greatest grievances. And such reopening of businesses is particularly appropriate for those districts classified by the authority as green zones.

” Nevertheless it is important to be reminded that the latest announcement by our PM is not about lifting the MCO but a conditional one for all business sectors to take note of putting certain required SOP in place before they opt to reopen their businesses next week. It is definitely not “business as usual” when business sectors are to start operating next week. All businesses are to accept and ensure safety and cleanliness as their top priority in their operation as the new norm. Various preventive and safety measures are required to be implemented in all business places and offices, like social distancing, employees to be provided with face masks, hand sanitizer as well as limiting the number of customers in business areas. In fact, both businesses and their customers should continue to impose expectations for safety and cleanliness in business operations, he added. 

As far as Sarawak is concerned, he  suggest only districts currently classified as green zones to allow business sectors to be in full operation starting next week. As for red and yellow zones, Sarawak may consider to implement conditional MCO only after May 12 so as to buy more time for the authority to take necessary measures to ensure both red and yellow zones are safe and fit for full business operations.

Nevertheless, he reminded that in the absence of a vaccine, we can never be complacent that we have overcome this covid-19 pandemic. Lastly, If you can work from home, stay at home and work from home.

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