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Friday, May 1st, 2020


Milton Foo calls for wavier of interest on deferred loans

SUPP youth central secretary, Milton Foo urged Bank Negara Malaysia to review the decision of allowing banks to charge interests on the deferred loan amount during moratorium period of 6 months in this difficult time of pandemic. This is to mitigate and ease the financial burden of the people and enterprises.  He said most if not all businesses in the country have suffered huge economic impact due to Covid-19 outbreak. This is the time where the giant corporations such as the bank should stand out to fulfil their societal expectationsRead More

SUPP Youth Chief Michael Tiang said opening up is timely 

SUPP Youth Central Chief, Michael Tiang reckoned that it is indeed a timely decision for the federal government to allow businesses to fully operate starting from May 4.  Since the implementation of MCO on March 18, he added, our economy had to come to a halt for almost 7 weeks and such economic stand still had drastically destroyed many’s livelihood. By allowing businesses to start fully operating, the government is addressing the people’s greatest grievances. And such reopening of businesses is particularly appropriate for those districts classified by the authorityRead More

Mayor Adam Yii tackles flood issues

Arising from flash floods at various locations due to heavy downpour late yesterday afternoon, Mayor Adam Yii, together with Cr Chin Fook Kim, Cr Vincent Huang and Cr Abdullah Jaini, Deputy City Secretary Mr Henry Jalin, Council Senior Executive Engineer Rashidah, council staff and contractors went to inspect 4 locations, Krokop Utama next to SJKC Chung Hua Krokop, Piasau Jaya Phase 3 next to Bulatan Park, Pujut 3 and Tanjong Batu this morning. His findingd included the high amount of rainfalls, as much as 57.7 mm over a short periodRead More

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