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It is not easy to start something afresh, but realising that online news portal is the way to go in the media world today, the Party has decided to make its best effort to launch one.

The IT and editorial team running the news portal have the experience in their respective fields, but running a website needs input – let it be party events, news, views and pictorials – which form the basic criteria for a good news portal.

Contributors should not worry they may not be seasoned writers – the editorial team is there to help with the cleaning and clearing of all news items forwarded to the IT section. So feel free to exercise any hidden writing talents, most of which will not only reach fellow members, local news trawlers, but also a worldwide audience.

The news portal editorial and IT teams cannot do it alone. It needs the cooperation and participation of all Party members – to send in news, pictures, events they organise – anything newsworthy for fellow members, as well as the general public, to know.

Let us all make this our news portal – something all Party members can be proud of.

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