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June, 2015



砂人联党中央主席拿督沈桂贤上议员于日前为林梦支部新党所主持开幕礼。 出席者包括秘书长拿督陈超耀律师、宣教秘书俞小珊、妇女组主席拿汀徐美丽及林梦支部主席张学聪律师。值得一提的是,当地土保党议员阿都拉曼也出席,展现国阵精神。 沈桂贤也在活动上颁发学业优良奖励金予学生们。

SUPP Limbang Branch

During the recent opening of SUPP Limbang Branch office on Sunday 28 June, Dr Sim thanked YB Dr Abdul Rahman (N68 – PBB) for joining in the function, which truly reflects the spirit of BN. He also extended his congratulations to all students who excel in their academic (2012-2014) year and reminded them not to forget to give back and provide opportunity for the next generations.


砂人联党资讯与研究中心将在7月4日及5日举办《2015国家财政预算与消费税讲座》。 7月4日的讲座会是在古晋砂人联党总部,时间为傍晚6时30分。7月5日的讲座是在斯里阿曼斯里成邦江酒店举行,时间为上午10时30分。两场讲座会入场免费。 这两场讲座会将邀请我国第二财长拿督斯里阿末胡斯尼的特别事务官陈大富为主讲人,届时将会以中文为媒介语。 筹委会主席拿汀徐美丽表示,讲座会的目的是让大众更加了解消费税的来龙去脉,及分享有关财政预算案的进展。 她说,预计在古晋及斯里阿曼分别能吸引300人及200人出席,由于位置有限,欢迎民众提前报名。欲知详情,可联络082-246999(总部)或发送简讯至014-3953280,输入姓名与身份证及电话号码报名。 在斯里阿曼斯方面,有意出席者也可联络019-8398243(陈立强)、019-8893955(甲必丹张庄文)及019-4992982(林秀凤)。 《2015国家财政预算与消费税讲座》筹委会委员名单如下: 顾问:拿督沈桂贤、拿督李景胜、拿督法兰西斯哈登 筹委会主席:拿汀徐美丽 筹委会副主席:陈开、李祥禾 秘书:彭大男 副秘书:郑莉薲、张庄文 财政:Gregory Tan Khere Wee 副财政:郭翼升 委员:官水华、李素慧、Christopher Solosa、廖晨胜、陈玮政、李梦洋、钟裕兴、Konelos Rege、林亚德、Jekelnaine Elton、许德婉、莫壮平、陈绍和、黄任瑞、杨丽春、温南荣、魏力伟、王志强、叶耀星、罗益忠、陈立强及蔡义诚。


砂拉越人民联合党中央秘书处强调,从去年党选产生的新届领导层,是完全团结一致的,以共同的步伐应对来临的砂州选举。 针对某未经证实的报导,指基于党内领导层结构将出现变化,引起“不和谐”的问题。党中央秘书处严正声明,尽管社团注册局已经批准人联党党章修改,但截至目前为止,党领导层仍然未对任何改变作出最后决定。 “党章修改的决定,是党中央常务委员会于2011年10月22日召开会议时,开始初步讨论。并于2011年12月9日的中委会会议,及随后10日及12日的党代表大会上提出讨论并获得一致通过。” 砂拉越人民联合党中央秘书处在此强调,党仍然注重并维持多元种族的领导班底。作为例子,目前党内的两位友族领袖,即党署理主席拿督斯里里察烈是联邦部门部长,而副主席拿督法兰西斯哈登是州助理部长。俩人在联邦与州政府都是人联党的代表。 秘书处希望基层党员,须对于任何刻意破坏或影响人联党的行为保持警惕,勿感到混淆或被误导。 党领导层目前团结一致,专注备战来临的州选,党员此刻应与党领袖以一致的步伐,面对州选的挑战。 党秘书处称,对于任何对人联党感到“不愉快”的人士,人联党无暇应酬,而目前,全体党员上下都必须保持冷静,保持团结的精神。

SUPP Secretariat statement: 27 Jun 2015

In a brief statement issued today,  SUPP Secretariat  is affirming that  the SUPP new leadership is fully united in focusing on the upcoming state election. In response to a published unsubstantiated reports that there is unhealthy development in the party’s recent plan for new appointment,  they reaffirmed that despite ROS approval,  no decision has yet been made by the party’s leadership to  implement the change for now.  For information, the decision to amend the Constitution of SUPP was decided on 22nd October 2011 by the Central Working Committee at itsRead More

Dato Sebastian on the “sarong” incidents.

Recent media stories on enforced dressing code in the form of ‘sarong’ when entering government agencies has indeed portrayed Malaysia as a rigid and intolerant country, said Secretary General of Sarawak United Peoples’ Party, Dato’ Sebastian Ting. Ting said he was dismayed and indeed shocked to read about the recent cases in the Road Transport Department, the hospital and worried that if these incidents were to be left unchecked,  it would give the country a bad image, contrary to being moderate. The whole world is looking at us. “Dressing isRead More

SPCB helping out residents of Jalan Semaba, 5th Mile, Penrissen Road.

The SUPP Public Complaints Bureau was recently approached by a representative  of the residents of Lorong 8, Jalan Semaba, Off 5th Mile, Penrissen Road, Kuching, who complained of the overgrown trees on their road. The overgrown trees are dangerous during heavy rain, during which some of them might fall down and cause both electricity and telephone wires to break. This will result in great inconvenience to the residents. The residents also requested SUPP PCB to assist them to apply to Majlis Perbandaran Padawan (MPP) to upgrade their road. Following aRead More


砂人联党公共投诉局主任叶耀星律师近日接获一名居住于五里八港路第八巷陈姓男子投诉住家附近美化树久未修剪。 未修剪之美化树于大雨中将对道路使用者造成一定危险,过长的美化树树枝将被风吹到并可能压倒电线或电话线。这将对临近居民造成困扰。居民们同时也透过砂人联党公共投诉局向巴达旺市议会要求提升该区之道路。 同时也是巴达旺市议会市议员的叶耀星律师偕同市议会职员到场视察并寻求解决良策。 叶耀星吩咐该名职员准备相关文件包括修路预算等以便在下次市议会会议中提呈。叶耀星市议员也要求市议会职员增加巡逻次数以确保市议会管辖区内之道路处在良好状态中。此外,叶耀星也将继续将民众的心声带入市议会及解决之。 砂人联党公共投诉局将继续协助面对问题之群众。如有任何疑问,可联系热线016-7797688或拨打致人联党总部082-246999或亲临人联党总部。

Scholarship for Sarawakians

Senator Datuk Dr. Sim Kui Hian asked how many Sarawakians have been given Petronas scholarship during the 2010 to 2015 period. Dato’ Sri Wahid Omar from the PM department,  clarified that between 2010 to 2014, the total number of students given scholarship was 1151 for the whole country.  Out of this 102 were given to Sarawak students. Dr. Sim said Human resources opportunities and developments is more important than physical infrastructure development. He said the country wanted to be a high income country with high human resources. Not a highRead More

Sharing Ramadan joy

SUPP Secretary general, Dato’ Sebastian Ting did his Ramadan rounds in Miri visiting Malay stalls and launched the bubur lambok with Muslim friends. Ting said at the time of Ramadan, it is good for non Muslims to be with their Muslim brothers and sisters to break fast and be supportive of them.

Helping out the unfortunate

A sole bread winner of the family, Mr Sim collapsed on the road last year and sustained head injuries. SUPP Chairman for Sentosa, Lo Khere Chiang went to visit Sim as he has to support nine children. He and Advisor of Woman’s Wing, Amy Tnay assisted him to apply for Welfare Aid and also gave a token of monetary aid to help him.

Damaged road at Puncak Borneo

Padawan Municipal council Chairman, Lo Khere Chiang said the temporary diversion of roads could be completed in only two days time along the stretch of Puncak Borneo between Kpg Karu, Kpg Bayur, Kpg Simuti and Kpg Sibakar and Kpg Begu once the two huts which was in the way of the new road were to be relocated. The road along the stretch caved in causing road erosion and blocking the shorter route to these kampongs. At the moment, the villagers have to use another route which is half an hourRead More

Dr Sim on potential candidates

SUPP President, Senator Datuk Dr. Sim Kui Hian recently handed over federal grants to 26 non government organisation. On the coming election and the choice of candidates, Dr. Sim, who was at the handing over ceremony, said potential candidates had been working on the ground and urged members of the public to contact SUPP leaders or the branches if they need any assistance. Stating that the party would pick a candidate with grassroots supports, Dr. Sim urged potential candidates to do their best to serve the people.  


砂拉越人民联合党中央秘书长拿督陈超耀律师于上周四,在美里分发马来粥予当地穆斯里同胞。 在场者包括史纳汀区州议员拿督李景胜助理部长、中央宣教秘书俞小珊及兰卑尔支部主席李进兴。


砂人联主席拿督沈桂贤上议员于日前在党总部移交上议员拨款予古晋25个团体。 他在仪式上,与各团体代表交流,并借此将他们的心声向国家领袖反映,包括带到国会。 另外,他强调,经常在基层走动,诚恳为民服务的领袖才是符合资格代表该党出战来届州选。 他称,要成为该党来届州选举的候选人,该名“潜能候选人”必须很早就从基层做起,默默的为民服务,不能因为是自己的朋友就被选为候选人,因为人民若不晓得有关候选人,也是没用的。 他绝对不允许有关领袖认为自己在党当中的权利及权位高攀,就能代表出战的情况出现。 他说,本身的确有要求党各个支部呈上候选人名单,所以,身为党魁,必须了解及确保有关潜能的候选人是真正符合资格后,才做出决定。 “本身的责任,就是要确保所有支部都在这方面做出配合,即让他(主席)知道在各选区所推荐的候选人是谁,是否有能力代表党出战。” 他认为,让人民了解及认识有关候选人的确是相当重要的,因为倘若人民不认识你,要如何让人民给予你支持?  


砂人联党中央妇女组顾问郑荔嫔日前为沈先生提供一些援助。 沈先生去年底开着电单车,忽然意外在路上昏倒,结果导致大脑和大腿严重受伤。原本一个人工作来养活一家九口的他, 在意外发生后已经失去原本的事业,生活非常辛苦。 人联党中央妇女组获知这个个案后,就为他申请了相关援助,漏夜送支票过去时才赫然发现年迈的父亲是30多年的象脚病患,生活的压力和辛酸非笔墨可以形容。 沈先生一再向妇女组道谢,对生活的考验没有半句怨言,积极面对逆境的正面心态令人钦佩。 妇女组将为他寻找多方支援, 祝愿沈先生一家可以早日走出阴霾。


人联公共投诉局自去年成立以来陆续接获民众质询关于他们所面对的问题。事后人联公共投诉局安排与局主任叶耀星见面聆听当事人所面对问题并寻求解决良策。 在与公共投诉局局主任叶耀星面谈后发觉大多问题是源自于民众不了解政府单位相关程序及无法提呈所需文件。当事人所面对之问题多数基于文件不齐等因素导致相关申请处理上面对一些耽误。 同时,投诉局也补充呈交文件的重要性仍因人联公共投诉局不是批准单位而是协助处理对有关政府单位处理上之延误、不公平操作与差劣服务之投诉。 人联党公共投诉局不能超越法律及无法协助因当事人无法提呈单位所需完整文件而衍生的投诉。 人联党公共投诉局在此呼吁民众在处理各项政府相关事宜申请时必须先检查所需文件清单并提呈所需文件以避免该项申请面对延误甚至影响批准。 民众如果对所涉及政府单位之程序或所需文件上有任何不解,人联公共投诉局乐意协助。任何疑问可拨打016-7797688或082-246999联系人联公共投诉局,或前往人联党总部。


首相拿督斯里纳吉于日前前来砂州进行工作访问,在古晋机场获得砂人联党主席拿督沈桂贤上议员迎接。 在场者包括首长拿督巴丁宜丹斯里阿德南沙登。 首相纳吉是前来诗巫、加帛及古晋进行工作访问,与砂人民近距离接触。

Walkabout with the Prime Minister

President of SUPP, Senator Datuk Dr. Sim Kui Hian, did his round of visits with the Prime Minister, Dato’ Sri Najib Abdul Razak recently when the latter was here for a visit to Sibu, Kapit and Kuching.  

Importance of relevant documents: SPBC

SUPP Public Complaints Bureau (SPCB), since its formation last year, has regularly been approached by the public on problems of various kinds that they are facing. From the interviews carried out, it was discovered that the majority of their problems arose due to their misunderstanding of the requirements of the various government departments concerned and their failure to furnish all the relevant documents required. In view of the incomplete documentation, it invariably resulted in the delay of their application and hence the problems they face. SPCB would like to adviseRead More

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