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Mayor Adam Yii tackles flood issues

Arising from flash floods at various locations due to heavy downpour late yesterday afternoon, Mayor Adam Yii, together with Cr Chin Fook Kim, Cr Vincent Huang and Cr Abdullah Jaini, Deputy City Secretary Mr Henry Jalin, Council Senior Executive Engineer Rashidah, council staff and contractors went to inspect 4 locations, Krokop Utama next to SJKC Chung Hua Krokop, Piasau Jaya Phase 3 next to Bulatan Park, Pujut 3 and Tanjong Batu this morning.

His findingd included the high amount of rainfalls, as much as 57.7 mm over a short period overwhelmed the drain capacities causing the flash floods, high water level at the river outlets due to the high tides prevented discharging of the drain water, conditions of the drains in the areas concerned are in reasonable conditions. 

Yii said the contractors were instructed to further improve their drain cleaning services.

The Council engineering department, on their part was instructed to study and to propose mitigation proposals at these bottlenecks as soon as possible.

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