Looking forward to 2015

The last year ended on a sad note by the tragic news of an aircraft disaster in the region, among many other inauspicious events.

Those who are superstitious would insist that 2014 was rather a cursed year, not only for Malaysia, but for the world.  Just browse the day’s papers and we will read of wars with its massive collateral damage, natural disasters which claim lives and property, and changes in government done not through the correct political process.

Those who would like to look at the good side of things will do their best to look at the year ahead with positive anticipation, while the pessimist will see it as another year that is not as promising as it appears to be. The best advice for those who were inauspiciously affected in the previous year, is to put behind all the agony that have been afflicted upon us.

Though 2015 is a year of uncertainty, let us not allow the events which happened in the previous year to dictate how we live in the coming days of 2015. We should all start anew. The list of resolutions may be too long, but it would be a good start to do the first few with determination.  Any management guru will say that the rest in the list would be a walk in the park.

A lot of our citizens would wish their fellow Malaysians will live together moderately. Most with the experience and the wisdom always have the belief that moderation is the underlying factor that determines the very fabric of the social harmony of a society.

We should not be trapped by the poisonous words of those diabolical, extremists who utilise the racial card unscrupulously for their personal agenda. Unfortunately, there are a number out there who do quite well in this, and because it is repeated in a number of respectable publications, they tend to be believed in time.

Our citizens are therefore urged, especially those who are educated, matured and want to do good for the country to possess a discerning sense of judgment to distinguish between what is right and wrong.

Rationalise what one read or hear instead of blindly believing superficial, unfounded statements because at the end of the day, if one is a little bit careless in our judgment, we are doomed to be the victims of the political play by those “skillful propagandists” which can be quite fatal.

To those who call themselves leaders of the nation, regardless if they are in the ruling coalition or opposition bench, show the people what a leader is like. Their priority is to serve the people.

Do your job with less politicking. It is utterly unbecoming and disgusting to the core that a leader resorts to racial talk in order to galvanise support.

No one wants to see the issue of race still dominating the talk of the town 58 years after independence. Our citizens can do better to talk about something for the betterment of the people and the nation.

Examples include a first-class public transportation system, top-notch institutions of higher learning, affordable-cum-superb healthcare system, and the list goes on.

This scribe believes that if every Malaysian, young and old, has two basic values in everyday living, Malaysia will continue to prosper not only in terms of materialism but also in terms of healthy and blissful lives.

Those two values are “Belief in God” and “Moderation”.

History has shown that our forefathers had seen the need to unite people of various religious backgrounds through that first principle.

We must therefore uphold that principle in our relationship with God and fellow beings.

All religions attest good teachings for mankind. If everyone practises their faith genuinely, we will not create anger or ill feelings towards those around us.

No one knows what 2015 may hold for Malaysians. But everyone favourite word should be “moderation”.

Let us all be moderate Malaysians who speak moderately, behave moderately and live moderately.

This year will roll by with its challenges for our country but if we stay strong together, respect one another beyond creed and colour, we will still stand tall among the nations in the world.


This scribe has had several discourse with friends, both serious and cynical, on how they see the future of the coming year.  Some, as expected, see only the worst that would come, but they are a few who still thinks that the country will survive any form of calamity, either man-made or natural.