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Milton Foo calls for wavier of interest on deferred loans

SUPP youth central secretary, Milton Foo urged Bank Negara Malaysia to review the decision of allowing banks to charge interests on the deferred loan amount during moratorium period of 6 months in this difficult time of pandemic. This is to mitigate and ease the financial burden of the people and enterprises. 

He said most if not all businesses in the country have suffered huge economic impact due to Covid-19 outbreak. This is the time where the giant corporations such as the bank should stand out to fulfil their societal expectations and social responsibilities to contribute & help the nation and its people to overcome the financial difficulties arising from the pandemic. 

He appealed to the Federal Government and the Ministry of Finance as well as Bank Negara to reach out to the banks for the waiver of interests on the deferred loan during the hard time for the benefit of the borrowers across the board. 

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