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October, 2018


Chong not sincere, said Tan Kai

Political secretary to the Chief Minister, Tan Kai reckoned that Deputy Minister for Domestic Trade and Consumers’ Affairs, Chong Chieng Jen’s offer to Sarawak was not sincere. Tan Kai pointed out that during the 14th general election, Chong was shouting loudly at ceremah that he would fight for the 20 percent oil loyalty if Pakatan Harapan (PH) were to win the election. His memory is short, said Tan Kai, as after winning the election, Chong sang a different tune. Now he  said PH will offer 5 percent oil loyalty with 20Read More


砂人联党青年总团长程明智提醒国内贸易及消费事务部部长兼砂希盟主席张健仁,应该代表砂拉越在联邦内阁争取最大利益,而非成为联邦的传话筒。 他评击张健仁及其火箭同僚,企图找借口掩盖他们在争取联邦拨款任务上失败。 程明智在新闻发布会上说,张健仁和古晋区国会议员俞利文日前声称,砂明年可得到财案中30%的发展开销,这是非常笼统的数字,身为政府一员,他其实应该清楚交代。实际上,火箭议员应该向首席部长拿督巴丁宜阿邦佐哈里学习,后者日前直接了当宣布拨款28亿令吉充作提升砂水供用途、23亿充作电供,60亿作为道路发展,有数有据才叫执政。 “反观张健仁,只是重复财政部长林冠英的说辞,声称联邦愿意与砂沙分享国家收入,难道经济不景时,砂沙就无法分到国家盈利?” 程明智表示,根据联邦宪法109条,联邦必须按照人口,将国家的盈收分配给州属。同时,在宪法第112C条文下,砂沙更享有特别拨款。 他强调,国家税务是由联邦政府代替沙巴砂拉越征收,但不代表他们有权把征收的税务占为阿邦佐哈里己有。 另一方面,砂人联青秘书长符祥威挑战张健仁在一个星期内,列出价格下降的物品清单,并公诸于世。 “既然他说有很多物品降价,那么他应该清楚列出清单,告诉人民到底什么物品已经降价,而非笼统带过。” 他指出,张健仁出任副贸消部长已5个月,砂拉越一直面对东西马物品价格不统一的问题,他到底做了什么? 他奉劝张氏,以其浪费时间沦为联邦的传声筒和应声虫,不如花费更多心思在抑制物价的高涨方面,协助减轻百姓的生活负担。 符祥威希望张健仁做回以往不平则鸣的张健仁,为了砂人的利益而仗义执言。

Go read Federal constitution, Chong Chieng Jen told

SUPP Youth central chief, Michael Tiang asked Deputy Minister of Domestic Trade and Consumers Affairs Chong Chieng Jen to be specific and not to come up with percentage when saying that Sarawak will receive for development expenditure in the coming National Budget 2019 to be tabled this Friday. In a press conference today, Tiang said Chong said Federal will give Sarawak 30 percent for development expenditure. “30 percent out of RM2 or RM2 million,” he asked. Tiang said Chong should learn from Chief Minister Datuk Patinggi Abang Johari Tun Openg, who clearly stated the amount of RM2.8Read More

Explaining MA 63

Political analyst and author of ‘The Queen’s Obligation’, Zainnal Ajamain has took to task the recent announcement by Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng that it will take at least a year to come up with a formula for revenue-sharing with Sabah and Sarawak as he, Lim did not really understand MA 63. Zainnal was speaking to about 200 audiences in a forum,” Sarawak, Our Future’ held at Pustaka Miri yesterday. Having a vast knowledge on MA 63, Zainnal pointed out that the federal government has no right to determine the sharing of revenue from Sabah and Sarawak.Read More

Datuk Dr. Sim Kui Hian showing China what Sarawak has to offer

A Memorundum of Understanding (MOU) to promote Sarawak by means of Malaysia my second home (MM2H) was signed in Guangzhou, China and Sarawak. The MOU signing ceremony was witnessed by Local Government and Housing, Datuk Dr. Sim Kui Hian in a hotel in Hangzhuo, China. Dr, Sim who led a group for a working visit to China said the main purpose is to bring in Chinese national to invest in our house like a holiday home where they can come in to stay for a while to rest and enjoy our clean and fresh air especiallyRead More

On behalf of SUPP Miri (Piasau) we would like to invite you and your friends to join us at this Forum, the particulars of which are as follows.

FORUM.  IN MANDARIN AND ENGLISH SARAWAK, Our Future. Sunday 28th October  2018 Topics for Discussion. Malaysia Agreement 1963 and Oil Mining Ordinance 1958 (Amended 2018) Moderator: YB Datuk Sebastian Ting Chiew Yew Panel Speakers 1.  Datuk David Teng, Former State Assemblyman, Assistant Minister and Member of SUPP Council of Elders. 2.  Mr Zainnal Ajamain, Activist and Author of Various Books, Queen’s Obligations Registration: 1:30pm Forum Time. 2pm to 5pm Venue. Pustaka Miri Auditorium (IT Library) Admission Free Looking forward to seeing you and your friends. Thank you very much. Piasau State Assemblyman Datuk SebastianRead More

Sarawak and Sabah have a right to share country’s revenue

The country’s revenue should be shared fairly amongst partners who contributed to the national income, regardless of the fiscal position, said SUPP Women Central today. Kho Teck Wan, Central Woman Chief said Finance Minister, Lim Guan Eng should not said that the Pakatan Harapan government will come up with a formula next year but the revenue sharing with Sabah and Sarawak may not be possible unless the fiscal position of the country improved. She pointed out that the minister does not even have the right to determine when and ifRead More


一项关于1963年大马建国契约的论坛将于本月28日(星期日)下午1时30分在美里图书馆举行。 届时,前人联党中央财政兼助理部长拿督邓伦奇,及著名学者再纳阿查迈将向公众分享建国契约课题。论坛将于中文及英文双语进行。 砂人联党中央秘书长兼卑尔骚区州议员拿督陈超耀律师将担任论坛主持人。同时,人联党青年团总团长兼首长政治秘书程明智协助将英文内容翻译成中文。 陈超耀指出,这项论坛是在公众要求下举办,主要目的是教育社会关于建国契约的真正历史,了解马来西亚的成立过程。 他说,论坛入场免费,对建国契约课题有兴趣者受促踊跃出席。


砂首长拿督巴丁宜阿邦佐哈里于日前在印尼雅加达出席第33届印尼贸易博览会,并见证3项合作备忘录签署仪式。 他也率领副首长兼工业及企业发展部长拿督阿玛阿旺登雅、工业及企业发展部助理部长(工业及投资)麦康莫森及副州务秘书拿督阿布峇卡等人,礼貌拜会为博览会主持开幕的印尼总统佐科威。 3项合作备忘录分别是砂拉越Danawa有限公司与印尼PT.THC公司、布洛克船坞及工程公司与印尼Wika Wijaya Persero TBK以及砂工商会与印尼工商会之间签署。 备忘录目的是为了加强砂拉越与印尼之间的贸易及基础设施发展合作。 阿邦佐哈里在一项场合中表示,砂拉越必须与印尼开拓更多贸易机会,尤其是与西加里曼丹的贸易潜能。他说,砂拉越与印尼的贸易额一直增加,但还有很大的提升空间,为两地带来更多经济效益。 他说,砂拉越与印尼的贸易额在2016年为18亿令吉,2017年增加至21亿令吉。截至今年5月为止,双方贸易额为13亿令吉。他相信,今年贸易额会超越2017年。

Free admission for Forum on MA 63 to be in Mandarin and English on October 28 this Sunday

A panel of Speakers which included Datuk David Teng, former Assistant Minister and Zainnal Ajamain, an activist cum Author of various boooks (Queen’s Obligations) will be speaking at a Forum this coming Sunday at Pustaka Miri Auditorium (IT Library). Piasau State Assemblyman, Datuk Sebastian Ting who is also the Moderator at  the forum said the topics for discussion will be on Malaysia Agreement 1963 and Oil Mining Ordinance 1958 (Amended 2018). Ting said registration will start at 1.30 pm and the forum is expected to end about 5 pm. He said the forum was organized againRead More

SUPP Youth calls to DAP to get their priorities right

SUPP Youth Secretary, Milton Foo wondered why the Pakatan Harapan (PH) government is getting their priorities all wrong. Pointing out that there was a motion proposed by PH to abolish the death sentence penalty of which 2,000 were affected, he said 30 million people were affected by the dwindling economy. “Is this a diversion issue? In their manifesto, Sarawak DAP claimed that Unified Examination Certificate (UEC) will be accepted but instead the Education Minister concentrated on black and white shoes. There seems to be no urgency on important matters,” he said. Foo reckoned that the newRead More

Stop your weekend rhetoric and concentrate on helping out Sarawakians, Michael Tiang to Chong Chieng Jen

SUPP Central Youth Chief, Michael Tiang asked Deputy Minister of Domestic Trade and Consumers Affairs Chong Chieng Jen to stop his empty rhetoric and concentrate on his real task, fighting for Sarawak rights. Tiang pointed out that at every weekend Chong was back in Kuching, he would be fired up with his statements. “We have enough of statements already, stop playing politics and concentrate on the real core of what you are supposed to do as an MP,” he said. In his press conference yesterday, Tiang wondered if Chong would support Chief Minister Datuk Patinggi Abang JohariRead More

CM: Sarawak infrastructure to be improved on a big scale

Chief Minister Datuk (Dr) Abang Haji Abdul Rahman Zohari Tun Datuk Abang Haji Openg said Sarawak Government will build up infrastructure in Sarawak within the next two years. Speaking at the annual retreat for Sarawak Head of Departments in Batu Ferringhi, Penang, Abang Jo said that a total sum of about RM11 billion would be spent to build roads, bridges, provide water and electricity throughout Sarawak. He announced that RM2.8 billion would be spent on water supplies, RM2.3 billion on electricity infrastructure and RM6 billion on the coastal highway. CallingRead More


由砂拉越砂哈地研究院主办,晋汉连省华总协办,主题为“中国崛起与东南亚华人”讲座会将于本月27日(星期六),下午1时至5时在古晋河滨大酒店(The Waterfront Hotel)4楼举行。 此项关系华社政治、经济与社会分析的讲座会,是邀请来自吉隆坡马来亚大学历史系教授拿督黄子坚博士,以英语发表之演讲。欢迎各界关心未来的社会人士和学生们,踊跃出席,入场免费。 讲座会将由砂哈地研究院院长温演照博士主持。听众除英语外,也可以用华语或马来文发言题问,以鼓励大家多加交流和探讨。更多详情请联络诺拉米(082-253072)。


砂人联党青年团总团长程明智“感谢”联邦贸消部副部长兼实旦宾国会议员张健仁提醒砂政党联盟不是联邦政府一份子。他想借此询问张健仁,作为联邦政府一份子的砂行动党,究竟为砂拉越争取了什么? 他询问张健仁,是否认同及支持首长拿督巴丁宜阿邦佐哈里提出应该设立跨政府级别委员会,以根据1963年建国契约恢复砂地位的说法? 他说,早期砂拉越是通过跨政府级别委员会,成功争取特权如土地、森林、移民、天然资源及土著地位等纳入到马来西亚联邦宪法,保障砂拉越权益。这些历史,砂行动党不应忘记。 “既然如此,砂行动党就应该力争现今设立同样的模式,索回砂拉越权益。同时,阿邦佐哈里提出联邦宪法112D条款,每5年必须检讨拨给砂拉越的拨款是否充足与合理,但最后一次检讨是在1968年。砂行动党如今是联邦政府一份子,是否有争取这项利益?” 程明智说,砂希盟领袖口口声声说要重新检讨泛婆大道工程合约,他好奇他们至今为砂拉越争取了多少新工程? 他强调,若砂希盟领袖无法在短期内为砂拉越人民争取利益,那就应该公开说明,并指明需要多少时间落实,而不是让希盟大选期间许下的承诺U转,让人民无法接受。

Free admission for public forum on “Rise of China and Chinese in SEA on 27th October at Waterfront Hotel.

SEHATI Research Institute, in collaboration with The Federation of Chinese Associations Kuching,  Samarahan and Serian Divisions, is organising Sehati Public forum on” The Rise of China and Chinese in Southeast Asia” to be held on October 27th (Saturday)  between 1 to 5 pm at the Levl 4, Waterfront Hotel, Kuching. The forum is related to the analyses of the Chinese politics,  economy and society and the distinguished guest speaker is Professor Datuk Dr Danny Wong Tze Ken, Professor of History from the University of Malaya. Dr Wong will be speakingRead More


砂首长拿督巴丁宜阿邦佐哈里表示,砂政府将在未来两年花费巨资提升基本设施如道路及水电供应等。 他说,砂政府会拨出至少110亿令吉用以修建道路、桥梁及在全砂提供完善水电供应设施。 阿邦佐哈里是本周一在槟城升旗山举行的砂政府部门常年激励营上致词时,这么表示。共有140名砂政府公务员参与这次活动,了解砂政府落实各项发展计划的过程及程序。 他透露,28亿令吉将作为提升水供设施、23亿令吉电力供应及60亿令吉为兴建海口区大道。 “砂政府未曾花费如此巨额拨款在基本设施发展上,因此这将是一项新纪录。” 他也说,为了响应提高工程计划成效及加快落实进度的建议,砂政府将设立总值2亿令吉的信托基金,该基金将在工程预算获得确认时,用以前期项目,如研究及评估工作。 阿邦佐哈里强调,上星期在吉隆坡举行西马砂拉越子民聚会上,他已初步宣布砂政府从明年起将花费巨资提升基础设施,同时也会为初生婴儿提供奖励,这笔存放在银行的奖励金只能等到18岁时才可以领取。 参与砂政府部门常年激励营的公务员提出各项建议,包括设立信托基金,以确保工程项目加速落实,同时也加强公共服务领域及福利方面的计划。 阿邦佐哈里说,他已找到增加砂拉越收入的方式,这些额外的收入将资助砂基础设施发展,不会动用砂政府目前的储备金。他指出,详细计划将在11月5日召开的砂议会会议上宣布。 他表示,砂政府决定资助所有被联邦政府取消的工程计划,这些惠民计划将持续落实,而砂拉越不会再继续依赖联邦政府。他相信,公共设施的开支增加,以及一贯的政策,有助于确保砂拉越未来两年的经济保持稳定。 他也认为,考量美国和中国之间可能爆发贸易战,砂拉越应该把目标转移至中国以外的市场。

PH playing victim, said Tan Kai and Tan Joo Phoi

Political Secretary to the Chief Minister, Tan Kai and Temenggong Tan Joo Phoi urged Pakatan Harapan (PH) not to play the role of victim where in the case of community leaders  invitation to functions. In a joint statement made by both of them, they said DAP had criticized Sarawak government for  banning the community leaders from attending PH function which were  not organized by Sarawak Government. “In truth, the PH MPs are making use of Officer from Pejabat Daerah to invite community leaders for their function, but Gabunan Parti Sarawak (GPS) YB were not invited,” theyRead More

Adam Yii: Do not cancelled the development projects

Mayor for Miri City Council (MCC), Adam Yii hoped that the federal government will revive several development projects for Sarawak as many projects approved before the 14th general election (GE14) have been cancelled. At the “Meet the People’ session at the Urban Transformation Centre (UTC) here recently, Yii said GK Roundabout traffic improvement project is one that urgently needed by the people . He pointed out that with the (11th Malaysia Plan) Mid-Term Review (2016-2020) Pakatan Harapan (PH) government should revive the (GK Roundabout) project to ensure a smooth flowRead More

Sarawak will continue with cancelled Federal projects for the people, said CM

Chief Minister Datuk Patinggi Abang Johari Tun Openg disclosed that Sarawak will finance its own federal projects cancelled by Putrajaya for the people. Speaking at the ‘Lan Berambeh anak Sarawak 2018” in KL yesterday, Abang Jo said this would be tabled during the Sarawak State Legislative Assembly (DUN) sitting next month. Abang Jo said State government will not give up on its own people and will do it since the federal government stated that that they do not have the budget and there was no allocation from them. He added that Sarawak will be developed by theRead More

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