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November, 2017


SUPP stand on Malaysia Agreement 1963 (MA63)

The remark by Tan Sri Pandikar that the Malaysia Agreement 1963 (MA63) is not important only shows his ignorance. It was an international treaty and the basis in the formation of Malaysia. The stand of Sarawak United People’s Party over the MA63 is clear and  firm. The party insist on thorough review of the MA63 and take back those rights, protections and safeguards that were originally ours as stated in the MA63. It is undisputed fact that Sabah and Sarawak and Federated Malaya were equal partners and not one ofRead More

Assistance for BR1M by SUPP Pending branch

SUPP Pending Branch BR1M service team will set up service counter at Kenyalang wet market on Saturday (2nd December 2017), to help the public to apply and up-date BR1M information. The Public can approach these counter on Sunday, bring their own and spouse’s identity card (I.C), children’s identity card or birth certificate, latest pay slip, bank account information and beneficiaries identity information.  The crew will assist to fill in the form for application or up-date. Applicants from single parent families are advised to provide related information (divorce certificate, death certificate etc) to avoid their application being rejectedRead More

Targeting gambling outlets including online gambling

Sarawak State Police Force has been carrying out a series of raids targeting illegal gambling outlets. They are now turning their eyes on illegal reload service providers throughout the state. Their effort is commendable and should be duly supported by all. SUPP Kota Sentosa Chairman Wilfred Yap called on the general public in a statement, to play their part by providing useful tips and intelligence to the police, in order to curb these illegal activities effectively. “As responsible citizens, we should never turn a blind eye and simply mind ourRead More


为预防年杪水灾来袭,砂人联党巴都吉当支部在事发前发动,并获得多个支部支持的“未雨绸缪”慰灾扶贫活动,将于下月正式展开。 该项活动欢迎民众在指定时间及地点捐助他们的旧物品(如衣服和玩具)、白米、干粮或金钱等,以行动打造爱心和慈善社会。 人联党巴都吉当支部主席罗克强在新闻发布会上指出,活动性质虽不大,但更重要的是展现当中的精神,包括邀请该党其它支部也共同参与,以一个团队及人联党精神来推动这项活动。 他解释,“未雨绸缪”慰灾扶贫活动并非希望看到会有水灾发生,但若能事先做好准备,一旦真的不幸发生灾害,那他们就可以在第一时间给予灾黎某方面的援助。 “当然,不仅水灾,倘若一些贫困家庭有需要,我们也会给予援助。” 出席该项新闻发布会的古晋支部主席拿督杨莉也指出,虽然巴都吉当支部是个新支部,但所展现的团队精神并没有因为新旧或活动大小而有所区别。她说,作为一名资深领袖,她会大力给予巴都吉当支部支持,因为大家都是同属一个团队,都可以互相配合。 作为此项活动筹委会主席的吴得瑜则坦言,也许人们的“旧爱”,意指二手物品,将是其他有需之人的曙光,该项活动将是一种爱心平台,让公众人士可以将他们一点爱捐助出来。 有意捐助物资的民众,可在12月8日至10日上午10时至晚上10时;12月15日至17日上午10时至晚上10时;12月22日至24日上午10时至晚上10时,将捐献的物资送到富丽华购物商场、Vivacity购物广场及新欣购物广场。 此外,筹委会也在四哩半中公设立收集物资地点,开放时间是12月1日至23日,上午10时至中午12时及下午2时至4时。人联党巴都吉当服务中心(019-8199060)或十哩分部服务中心(082-611210)也会接收物资,民众送捐献物资点,请致电联络,确保有人值班。


日前一名职业技术学院学生向砂拉越人民联合党公共投诉局主任叶耀星寻求协助。该职业技术学院导师在没有任何适当的理由下掌掴并且在言语上羞辱该名学生。 收到请求协助后,叶耀星即刻致函予该校并安排面谈。面谈中,双方也认为此次事件纯属误会并获得圆满解决。 人联党公共投诉局会持续提供辅导以促进学生的良好行为;人联党公共投诉局也坚决不允许任何暴力行为进入学术场所。 人联公共投诉局已做好准备并尝试通过相关部门解决影响社区的公共议题。同时为面对相关问题却不懂得如何处理的民众伸出援手。任何相关事宜可联系人联党公共投诉局(016-7797688或082246999)或亲临人联党总部。


砂地方政府与房屋部部长拿督沈桂贤强调,古晋南市市政局作为全砂26个地方议会的“大哥”,任何所行所为将被其它地方议会跟随。 他在古晋南市市政局签署反贪宣誓书仪式上,指出,在全砂26个地方议会中,南市市政局官员是唯一获得一个月花红,切万不可视之为理所当然。 “你们作为地方议会的‘大哥’,拥有自己该扮演的角色,理应做好份内之事。如果你们只是‘找康头’,别的地方议会就会跟随,因为他们是看你们而做事。”他强调,每个南市官员都扮演要角,而在进行以民为先的服务工作上,每一件“小事”都是极为重要的,譬如设置智能交通灯,将为人民带来深远的影响力,包括缩短人民从工作地点返家的时间,增加与家人相聚的时光等。 他希望南市官员检视本身的服务工作,将带来如何的影响力,而非被人民视为仅仅是以提供服务为基准的地方议会,包括人民“眼见”的是交通灯没有操作、道路有洞、野草没有剪等而做出种种投诉,这对南市不公平。南市实际上可以超越更多。 他以新加坡为例,没有垃圾也没有杂草丛生,甚至没有狂犬病,这因为该国在减少粮食损失与浪费方面管理良好,反观本州就只是抓狗。 “狂犬病仍然存在。当然流浪犬是兽医局的管辖权限,我们只能抓狗,可是发出狗牌的也是我们。而狂犬病病源也非只是狗,还有猫等。因此,我们的责任并不只是抓狗,而是完善处理粮食损失与浪费、派发狗牌等服务。” 他也希望,南市官员可以自己的工作为傲,树立一个好榜样,竭尽所能,而非找借口。

Follow up on issue of student harassed by lecturer

SUPP Public Complaints Bureau (SUPP PCB) Chief, Wilfred Yap have earlier been approached by a student of a local vocational learning institute requesting for his assistance following allegation that he had been physically slapped and verbally harassed by a lecturer without any proper justification. Yap had written to the management of the institution and a meeting was subsequent arranged between all parties concerned. During the meeting, it was agreed that the matter occurred due to a misunderstanding and have now been settled amicably. SUPP PCB will continue to promote studentRead More

Helping out with documentation of stateless children

Piasau State Assemblyman, Dato’ Sebastian Ting who arranged for the families of the stateless children and JPN said it was very kind of the Miri JPN Director, Jasni bin Haji Jubli who was also at the hall of Petronas Game village to supervise the procedure. A total of 128 stateless children registered with the National Registration department (JPN) in Miri this morning. Ting said there are children who did not have full documents and the JPN personnel were there to register them and to assist them on how to obtain verification from the relevant authorities. ParentsRead More


砂人联党卑尔骚区州议员拿督陈超耀律师今日协助美里无国籍儿童向国民登记局处理身份证事宜。 他安排儿童的家庭向国民登记局官员进行相关手续,在场包括美里国民登记局局长贾斯尼。今早,共有128名无国籍儿童向国民登记局注册。 陈超耀表示,这些儿童是基于没有完整文件,因而无法获得公民权。因此,国民登记局官员协助登记每个人,并且安排他们向有关单位获取认证,儿童家长也必须接受官员的访问。 他说,儿童家长对于官员的协助,感到欣慰。 他亦赞扬贾斯尼第二次亲自来到基层协助无国籍儿童。他也感谢拿督斯里法蒂玛陈赛明与联邦政府协商,协助这些无国籍儿童。 陈超耀希望所有儿童在获取公民权后,可以过个正常的生活,包括求学方面不会再遇到阻碍。

Helping out the less fortunate

Batu Kitang State Assemblyman, Lo Khere Chiang appealed to members of the public to help by giving to the less fortunate in kind or cash. Officiating the launch of the SUPP Batu Kitang Charity Drive this afternoon at the Batu Kitang Service centre, Lo said with the end of the year, they are preparing for the onset of heavy downpour. He said he hoped that there will no disaster as it always bring hardship to the people. He added that everyone need to  prepare in case of unforseen circumstances. “So I am appealing to those whoRead More


砂地方政府及房屋部部长拿督沈桂贤于日前巡视排污服务局,并在场听取排污服务局局长刘贤文汇报,讲解该局的运作详情。 沈桂贤对这项行程感到满意,据悉,排污服务局从青统大厦办事处搬迁至敦拿督巴丁宜阿邦莫哈末沙拉胡丁路。 刘贤文在场向沈桂贤等人讲述排污服务局的发展计划,以及古晋排污系统的运作。与此同时,美里及诗巫的排污计划也在于部长会面中汇报。排污服务局共有26名职员,是砂地方政府部署下单位之一。

Working visit to Sewage services department

Datuk Dr. Sim Kui Hian , Minister of Local government and Housing paid a working visit to the Sewage services department yesterday morning where he was briefed by the Director, Lau Hieng Ung. Dr. Sim said the meeting was fruitful and over several matters, one of which was the moving of their new headquarters from Saberkas building to the present site at Jalan Tun Datuk Patinggi Abang Haji Muhammad Salahuddin. According to Lau, the discussion was about the development projects undertaking and the operation of the Kuching Centralised Sewage plant.Read More

Foo: Violet Yong alleged Indonesian illegals studying in Sarawak

Sarawak United Peoples’ party (SUPP) Assistant Secretary of Pending branch,  Milton Foo lodged a police report yesterday at the Simpang Tiga police station against State Assemblywoman Pending, Violet Yong for making allegation against Indonesian children studying in Sarawak which she claimed were illegal immigrants. The allegation were posted in Yong’s facebook a few days ago. Att the One Stop centre, Foo said said the allegation is baseless unless Yong came out with the evidences to prove her statements. He asked how Yong knew that the students do not have permit to stay and study in Sarawak unless sheRead More

Dr Sim: SGH needs more blood donors

Minister of Local Government and Housing Datuk Dr Sim Kui Hian said Sarawak General Hospital (SGH) needs an average of  250 blood donors daily to meet the needs of the hospital to save lives. Speaking at the Blood Donors Appreciation ceremony at Boulevard shopping mall yesterday, Dr. Sim said with a population of 750,000 in Kuching, it is not difficult to achieve the number of 250. However, he said it is a matter of will and the people’s civic consciousness to do it. He called to the people to come forwardRead More


砂地方政府与房屋部部长拿督沈桂贤表示,本地医院对血液的需求日与剧增,尤其是发生交通意外、癌症病人、手术、分娩等皆需要输血。他以古晋砂拉越中央医院为例,每天有250人需要血液的供应,以保住生命。 根据记录,去年积累的捐血人数为2万941人,今年截至9月为止,则有1万5273人。 他日前在配合2017年世界捐血者日所举办的古晋省捐血者表扬大会上致词时说,砂中央医院每月估计需要花费10万令吉以获取血液,以应付需求,随着越来越多人相应无偿捐血,每位捐血者可为医院节省约250令吉。 沈桂贤认为,在获取血液方面,倘若要以金钱购买血液,那将沦为交易,这是很不健康的做法,卖血来确保他人的生命是很不道德的行为。 因此,他鼓励民众踊跃捐血,这属于高尚的行为,值得鼓励。捐血救人是一项极具爱心的善举,是给他人存活的一个机会,捐血3个月后,就会恢复充足的血液。 他说,政府希望在招募捐血者方面,能够达到35巴仙是年轻人的目标,再通过年轻人带动及鼓励身边的亲朋戚友或者年轻一辈,踊跃投入捐血行列。他解释,捐血也不会影响个人健康,惟,政府则希望只有健康者才会被接受捐血。 尤其是不久前,古晋和西连省发生狂犬症事件,卫生局采取相应的措施,确保医院血库所得到的血液是非狗猫噬咬过的捐血者所提供。“被狗猫咬过,要6个月后才能捐血,院方确保血液是绝对健康及可安全使用的。”

SUPP youth lodged report on Shafie Apdal for seditious act

SUPP Central Youth lodged police report against Kota Kinabalu Parti Warisan Sabah (Warisan) president Shafie Apdal for seditious act at the One-Stop centre, Simpang Tiga police Station recently. Youth Central Chairman, Tan kai who is also Political Secretary to the Chief Minister, said Shafie had intentionally said that BN-led government should let Christians in Sabah and Sarawak use the word “Allah” in their worship and make sure it is not misinterpreted to the detriment of Muslims. ‘This is seditious remark as the Federal has allowed Sabah and Sarawak to use the word, ‘Allah’. said Tan Kai whoRead More

Justice for late Chung Soon Teck

Around  100 family members and friends of the late Chung Soon Teck gathered at the Sarawak United peoples’ Party (SUPP) headquarter, armed with banners protested against the shooting of Chung. His wife had earlier lodged a police report in Kuching. The family members and friends held banners with wording in Mandarin calling the shooting as “cruel”, ‘seeking justice’, ‘pay back my life’ and ‘killing a scapegoat’ were held up by family members. Chung was shot in Pontianak after Indonesian police claimed that he was a drug dealer who was trying to escape from their custody last Saturday night.Read More

ADUN grants for teachers’ end of year activities

Datuk Dr. Sim Kui Hian, Minister of Local Government and Housing gave ADUN grants to teachers of 14 Schools in Batu Kawa the same amount $5,000 each in addition to $10,000 each when the Schools starts. Dr. Sim said this was to help the school to run their students activites for the coming year. “This is different from the minimum $50,000 each for developmental grants (top one this year is $2 million. Total of almost $6 million). In the previous 5 years, each of the Schools in Batu Kawa receivedRead More

Tiang: do not be too focused on academic achievements

Michael Tiang,  Secretary for SUPP Pelawan Branch and also a political secretary for the Chief Minister applauded the decision of the Education Ministry’s decision not to highlight the number of As obtained by pupils and no comparisons between students, schools and states. In the past the overzealous focus on academic achievements by the pupils and schools was totally misguided and therefore detrimental to the holistic development of pupils.  Tiang  support ed  the new approach by the Eduction ministry that is no special emphasis given to the academic achievements but to includeRead More


石角区议员拿督沈桂贤继续为石角带来好消息,日前再次拨款给选区内学校作为老师的活动与福利经费。 他1年拨款两次给选区内中小学老师,即年初和年尾,其中今年年初是1万,而年杪则5000令吉。也是地方政府及房屋部长的沈桂贤表示,老师常年为教育,培育学生付出及贡献,因此他们的福利绝对不能忽视。 “我中选后决定每年拨款给每间选区内的学校老师,作为他们福利、活动经费,包括让他们购买一些饮品、干粮放在办公室补充精力。” 沈桂贤日前亲自将拨款移交给石角味源港、石角路廉价房屋国小、尖山及新梯头。至于其他学校的拨款,他表示已经汇入相关学校的银行户口。石角选区有15间学校,包括一间独中、一间国中、两间国小,其余是华小。

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