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January, 2015


Helping out flood victims

Sarawak United Peoples’ Party, Senator Datuk Dr. Sim Kui Hian and secretary general, Dato’ Sebastian Ting, received  bags of rice, sugar and cooking oil for the flood victims from the Malaysia Buddhist Kulatupi Association today. President of the Association, Chua Beng Thian officially handed over the donated items at the SUPP headquarters. Dr. Sim said they received 280 packets of rice, 360 kilos of sugar and 360 kilo of cooking oil, valued at RM9000. Saying that he was inspired by the association for their community work, Dr. Sim pointed outRead More

Distributing Senator Grant

SUPP President, Datuk Dr. Sim Kui Hian said he would rather go to the ground to see for himself what the community needs than rely on reports given. Giving away his Senator Grant to 22 associations yesterday at the SUPP Headquarters, Dr. Sim said although the amount is small, he would fight for a bigger fund to be passed to those in need. “I prefer to go to the ground and see what was needed and then fight with conviction. I cannot say I want extra and could not sayRead More

Flooding in Miri

SUPP Secretary General, Dato’ Sebastian Ting went down to the flooded areas to help out in ways he could, after Miri was hit by thunderstorm and heavy rainfall which last from 2 pm to 6.30 pm. Rounding out his SUPP and Youth  members, Ting went to the affected areas and offered assistance in calling the relevant authority concerned to help out. He showed his appreciation and said the Fire and Rescue Services department and Council were fast to act to prevent further damages. Urging Mirians to drive carefully, Ting said there were certainRead More


近日一群民众寻求人联党公共投诉局协助并向公共投诉局咨询关于他们所面对的问题。事后人联公共投诉局安排与局主任叶耀星见面聆听当事人所面对问题并寻求解决良策。 在与公共投诉局局主任叶耀星面谈后发觉大多问题是源自于民众不了解政府单位相关程序及无法提呈所需文件。当事人所面对之问题多数基于文件不齐等因素导致相关申请处理上面对一些耽误。 会谈中,人联投诉局局主任叶耀星向他们讲解必须向相关单位了解申请程序所需文件并备齐文件以避免耽误。同时,叶耀星也补充呈交文件的重要性因人联公共投诉局不是批准单位而是协助处理对有关政府单位处理上之延误、不公平操作与差劣服务之投诉。人联党公共投诉局不能弯曲法律及无法协助因当事人不能提呈单位所需完整文件而衍生的投诉。 人联党公共投诉局在此呼吁民众在处理各项政府相关事宜申请时必须先检查所需文件清单并提呈所需文件以避免该项申请面对延误甚至影响批准。 民众如果对所涉及政府单位之程序或所需文件上有任何不解,人联公共投诉局乐意协助。任何疑问可拨打016-7797688或082-246999联系人联公共投诉局,或前往人联党总部。

SUPP Public Complaint Bureau Press Release 31 Jan 2015

SUPP Public Complaints Bureau was recently approached by a group of people who were facing problems of various kinds. When approached, SUPP Public Complaint Bureau fixed an appointment date for its Chief, Wilfred Yap to meet up and listen to their problems and to assess how best to help them. From the interviews carried out by Wilfred Yap, it was discovered that the majority of their problems arose due to their misunderstanding of the requirements of the various government departments concerned and their failure to furnish all the relevant documentsRead More

Courtesy call on Tan Sri Wong Soon Kai

Press Statement by SUPP Sibu 5 Branches – Bukit Assek Branch, Bawang Assan Branch, Dudong Branch, Nangka Branch & Pelawan Branch The chairmen of the five SUPP branches in Sibu paid a courtesy call on Tan Sri Datuk Amar Patinggi Dr Wong Soon Kai at his residence in Kuching. Tan Sri was very happy to meet these groups of new leaders and express full confidence and support for them. Tan Sri voiced his stand on the Sibu SUPP Office registered under Twinswood Sdn bhd. He said he set up theRead More

Birthday wishes for the CM

Sarawak United Peoples’ Party Secretary General, Dato’ Sebastian Ting wishes YAB Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Adenan Satem, the Chief Minister of Sarawak, a Happy Birthday and many happy returns of the day. More importantly he be blessed with Excellent  Health, Strength, Wisdom to continue leading Sarawak for many years to come. Ting said since becoming the  Chief Minister, Adenan has shown a strong will to ensure that his policies would be fair and just to all races in Sarawak and that no one race would be left out. He has reiterated manyRead More


砂拉越人民联合党中央秘书长拿督陈超耀祝贺首席部长丹斯里阿德南沙登生日快乐,并祝愿首长继续保持健康体魄,领导砂州迈向未来。 他说,自从阿德南上任以来,成功展现了坚定的政策理念,为砂州全民带来公平合理的政策。更重要的是,他还展现全民首长的风范,无分种族,关照全民。 陈超耀表示,首长率领州内阁签署廉正宣誓书,也证明了他要塑造清廉政府的决心,为砂州人民带来更美好的未来。 他强调,砂拉越人民联合党必定会与首长阿德南站在同一阵线,全力支持他的政策。


砂拉越人民联合党主席拿督沈桂贤上议员为首席部长丹斯里阿德南沙登献上生日祝福。 他祝愿首长身体健康,在未来的更多日子里继续领导砂州。 他表示,首长阿德南是个少说话,多做事的领袖,而砂拉越人民联合党会全力支持首长,与他一起带领砂州转型,成为进步繁荣的州属。 首长阿德南沙登是于今日度过71岁生日。

Visiting flood victims

Senator Datuk Dr. Sim Kui Hian went around to help out those in need during the flood recently. Besides giving out items of necessity to the flood victims, Dr. Sim also offered his moral support to the flood victims at Kampung Sri Maimunah.


砂拉越人民联合党推展“一人一票,公平选举”签名运动,以期新划分的选区能够获得认真检讨,进而给每一个人拥有相同价值的一票。 针对这项签名运动,砂人联党将总动员去向民众索取签名,包括前往人潮较多的购物商场,以便可以在2月4日前完成及提呈选举委员会。同时,民众也可通过人联党的面子书与网页填写有关意见。 砂人联党主席拿督沈桂贤上议员说,希望通过这项“一人一票,公平选举”签名运动,争取公平的选举制度,并且拉近城乡发展的鸿沟。 他认为,民主与发展是两个不同的课题,不能相提并论,所以,1个地区的发展不能以议员数量来衡量。 拿督沈桂贤上议员是于24日在该党召开的常务会议后,如此向媒体做出披露。 该党亦建议,有超过2万人选民的席位应被重新划分,或是与其他区域共享席位。 另一方面,“一人一票,公平选举”签名运动筹会主席刘会耀也在记者会上也希望民众能积极支持这项运动,进而反映他们的心声。 “除了党员之外,亦有志愿者协助推动这项运动,以期获得更多民众的热烈响应”。 他认为,这项新选区划分议案远离了民主党基本原则,即使一人一票的原则。在1957年,马来西亚脱离英国独立成国的宪法中,附含了这一项基本的民主原则,并提供了15%的权重差异。后来,马来西亚宪法与1962年进行修订,将原本的权重差异增加到不超过一半,即1比2的比例,拉近城乡的鸿沟。


砂人联党主席拿督沈桂贤上议员于今日巡视新渔村Kampung Sri Maimunah遭水灾影响的贫户家庭。 当地约10户人家的木屋,昨晚遭潮水淹没将近一个小时,部分家私来不及抢救而被破坏。 沈桂贤呼吁社会大众踊跃帮助当地的居民,包括协助改建屋子,让他们能免于继续受到潮水的摧残。同时,他也强调会向副首相丹斯里慕尤丁提呈灾黎的名单,让他们获得援助。      

Turning a year older…

SUPP Secretary General, Dato’ Sebastian Ting, turned 60 today and during the CWC meeting, a cake was wheeled out and he received many birthday wishes. Ting was pleasantly surprised and said despite him turning a year older, he will continue to work hard and service the people as what was expected from the SUPP constitution. He added despite getting a year older, he affirmed that it is still not the time to slow down in his dedication to the party and the people.  

Campaign for a fair electoral system

Sarawak United Peoples’ Party (SUPP) launched a signature campaign to get Sarawakians to sign for a fair electoral system, initiated by SUPP Bawang Assan Branch Chairman Robert Lau. Lau said  Sarawakians wanted  a fairer electoral systems, and hoped the Election Commission (EC) to re addressed the proposed of the new 11 State Seats. He said the EC should take into consideration both the rural and urban distribution of seats fairly. He pointed out that the total number of voters in Sarawak is 1,109,134, which is an average seat with 13,526Read More

Sarawak natives now Bumiputra

SUPP Secretary General, Dato’ Sebastian Ting expressed his delight that the natives of Sarawak, which included Ibans, Bidayus and Orang Ulu were given a long over due recognition after the Chief Minister, Datuk Patinggi Tan Sir Adenan Satem recently announced that the government official forms “lain-lain” used to label the Dayaks would be replaced with Bumiputra. Ting said many Dayak leaders had spoken out that they would wanted to be termed as “dayak” instead of ‘lain-lain”. Dayaks was used to categorized indigenous people in both Sarawak and Sabah. The Dayaks,Read More

Donation for flood victims

SUPP Secretary General,Datuk Sebastian Ting with YB Dennis Ngau, Temenggong Elizabeth Deng, SUPP Karambir, Aries, Kah Furng, Aaron and staff helped to load food stuff, used clothing, mineral water and other items onto the lorry for Marudi and thereafter will be air lifted to the affected areas recently. Four more lorries loaded with foodstuff and necessities were also sent to Marudi. Ting thanked all who donated to the flood victims. He urged all to pray for continuous dry weather.


近日一名父亲寻求人联党公共投诉局主任叶耀星协助办理其外籍儿子入读古晋区政府小学一年级。事因男事主延迟办理其与印尼籍妻子婚姻注册。同时男事主也协助其友人向叶耀星反映相同问题。 基于2015年新学年已开始,焦虑的男事主及友人通过报章得知人联党公共投诉局协助处理民众所面对之难题后前往人联党公共投诉局寻求协助。在聆听男事主的诉说后,叶耀星答允协助并接洽教育厅官员寻找问题根源。此外,叶耀星发出一份支持信以为尽早取得教育厅批准及解决男事主及友人之问题。 经了解该问题实乃因误解外籍生申请就读国民小学之程序及所呈交之文件仅需作出相关更正即可。 人联党公共投诉局再次通知孩子是外籍生但父亲为大马公民者可向当地教育厅索取入读2016学年政府小学之表格。公众可向人联公共投诉局了解该程序或寻求协助处理有关申请。任何需协助者可联系人联党公共投诉局,016-7797688或082-246999或直接前往人联党总部。

SUPP public complaint bureau

SUPP Public Complaints Bureau Chief, Wilfred Yap was recently approached by a man who was facing a problem in the enrolment of his son (a non-citizen) into Primary One of a Government National Type Chinese School in Kuching. His predicament arose due to the late registration of his marriage to his Indonesian wife. He also requested for assistance on behalf of his friend who is also facing the same predicament as him. As the school session for 2015 have already started, the anxious father and his friend  decided to seekRead More

Dato Sebastian: Assistance for flood victims

SUPP Secretary General Dato Sebastian Ting urges the community to help those affected by the floods with warm clothing and blankets, dried and canned foods that can be consumed with ease and kept in the event of increasing floods. He had visited the flood sites at Batu Kitang and the flood centres. Dato’ Sebastian is very concerned from being in the flood affected areas, with the sentiments of worry particularly with the anticipated high tide over the next few days. It certainly takes to be in it to experience andRead More

SUPP Public Complaint Bureau

SUPP Public Complaint Bureau Chief  Wilfred Yap who is also Majlis Perbandaran Padawan (MPP) Councillor together with an officer from Majlis Perbandaran Padawan went to inspect the recent completion of repair works at 3rd Mile Sungai Maong Bazaar Hawker Centre and to assess whether the repairs were satisfactory. The inspection of the repair works of the toilet doors, steel gates, flushing system and water taps arose from the recent complaints to SUPP Public Complaints Bureau from the  public and hawkers trading in 3rd Mile Sungai Maong Bazaar Hawker Centre on the  bad condition of the public toiletRead More

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