New Year wishes

THE media in the last week of the year would be full of writings and comments on events that they have gone through.  A number of columnists and letters to the editors are also writing what they would like to wish for the coming year.

Even Mark Twain is in it, because it was he who came up with this little nugget of wisdom: “New Year’s Day…now is the accepted time to make your regular annual good resolutions.  Next week, you can begin paving hell with them as usual.”

Everyone would like to have better-maintained public utilities.  There is no point spending the taxpayers’ money only to be greeted with broken equipment when one needs to use them.  There should be a maintenance culture inculcated in the minds of the relevant public authorities.

Members of the public continue to hope for the relevant authorities to try their best to reduce the crime rate, especially on the almost daily occurrences of snatch theft and house breaking.  The media has highlighted on several occasions that some of the victims suffered serious injuries following snatching incidents.  It would not be too much then to include this in the public wish list for the year.

Those in the security services would like to see the decrease in cross border crimes like terrorism and human trafficking.  It is not quite possible to wish for a total elimination of these senseless atrocities as long as there are bigoted people who use religion for their own agendas and make profit as their ulterior motive.

Malaysia is lucky that its citizens are not troubled by liberal gun laws like those in the US, and senseless killings of innocent people, particularly children, that have cause untold sadness amongst parents and its citizens.  Ironically though, the US Constitution ensures the freedom to bear arms by its citizens.

On a more global scale, those concerned with world affairs would like to see a lowering of conflicts between states.  There have always been doubts on the role of any international mediatory body, but there should be a global prayer that one day the world would wake up to realise that the human race is better off talking rather than fighting with each other.

Amongst the people cynical of those participating in politics, they would dream for the day when politicians would not visit their constituencies only when they are fishing for votes, and then leave their voters high and dry once they are in office. They long for the day when politicians keep their promises made during their election campaigns.

Cheaper prices of daily needs would also be on the wish list of the man on the street.  On this score, the government has done a lot through the setting-up of special wholesale stores where daily necessities are sold at competitive prices within the reach of the poor.

Meantime, those involved in responsible journalism would like to see more balanced news reporting, and an end of those who spread their unsubstantiated views and allegations through the alternative media.  The government’s assurance to keep the net free of interference should encourage those who use it to be more responsible to ensure that the alternative media can be looked at more respectfully in the future.

The average thinking person would have to be very prudent in having a wish list for the New Year, for want of a good sense in thinking about practical matters such as the vagaries of human nature in dealing with everyday issues.

This column would like to close with a number of quotes culled from the wisdoms of the past and present:

-End each year with a few good lessons and start the new one by showing that you have learnt the lessons of the past well.

-The New Year has brought another chance for us to set things right and to open up a new chapter in our lives.

-The most important thing to remember as we approach 2015 is that it’s much better to commit mistakes that can strengthen your character other than playing it safe.

-Don’t think of the opportunities that you have missed in the last year. The New Year is an unwritten book, so choose your actions and words wisely and fill it up with pages that are worth reading by the end of the year.

-Leave behind you the old chapters that were filled with pages of worries and begin the New Year with happiness, cheer and smiles.

-Unlike what most people think it is never late to be what you wish to be.



Following his sessions of reflecting on the coming New Year, this scribe would like to wish all the very best to readers of this news portal.