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January, 2017


Miri Mayor Adam Yii CNY open house

Miri Mayor Adam Yii who is celebrating Chinese New Year (CNY) for the first time this year after taking over the post in June last year, received visits from people of various races, religions and backgrounds at his open house yesterday. Apart from heads of government departments and private bodies, the open house held at his residence in Pujut 4 was also visited by State Legislative Assembly (DUN) deputy speaker and Mulu assemblyman Datuk Gerawat Gala and his wife Datin Esther Balan. Among the visitors were members of the NorthernRead More

Dr Sim: SUPP ready for the upcoming 14th general election.

Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) is only waiting for the signal to get its election machinery operating for the upcoming 14th general election. In stating this, its president Datuk Dr Sim Kui Hian said the party was ready and prepared to face the general election at anytime. “I always said we are ready, anytime, let me know the date. Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Zahid Hamidi will be here on Feb 3, and Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak on Feb 9, so you (the media) ask them, ask theRead More

Dato Sebastian open house

Piasau State Assemblyman, Dato’ Sebastian Ting and his family welcome thousands of guests to their house in Miri on the second day of the chinese new year. Ting said it was a great day when people from different races and religions come together to celebrate the chinese new year with him. He said he appreciates the  harmony of it all. Yesterday morning, Ting and Mayor Miri Adam Yii went round Miri visiting the councillors.


美里市长俞小珊于大年初二在住家举行新春开放门户,邀请各界一起庆祝农历新年。 这是他于去年6月份上任以来,第一次以市长身份在其位于埔奕路的住家举办农历新年开放门户。 来自各族的民众踊跃向俞小珊贺年,同时砂州立法议会副议长拿督格拉瓦也向他贺年。


砂人联党巴都吉当区州议员罗克强表示,其选区已经做好准备应对随时可能发生的水患。 无论如何,他表示农历新年至今并没有连绵豪雨,因此发生水患的机率不高,而一些地区的水患是属于闪电水灾和积水问题。 也是巴达旺市议会主席的罗克强说,该市议会也是在做好应对水患的准备。 他说,据他所知,地方政府部门将设有特别拨款,作为水利灌溉局解决闪电水灾问题的经费。 对于巴都吉当的发展计划方面,他指出,该选区获得500万令吉的乡区转型计划拨款,和200万令吉的小型计划拨款。 罗克强是于住家新春开放门户上受访时,这么表示。 来自各族的民众于大年初二踊跃出席罗克强的开放门户,向他贺年。


首席部长拿督阿玛阿邦佐哈里与夫人拿汀阿玛祖玛安妮于大年初二向砂人联党主席兼地方政府部长拿督沈桂贤贺年。 在场包括沈桂贤母亲拿汀阿玛沈林素卿、沈桂贤夫人拿汀王淑燕及助理部长莎丽花哈希达等等。 另外,沈桂贤表示,砂人联党已经做好准备应对第14届全国大选。 他说,砂人联党向来都已经准备好应战,无论大选日期是几时,都没问题。 对于今年的新春开放门户,他指出,为了尊敬刚逝世的前首长拿督巴丁宜丹斯里阿迪南沙登,他与人联党总部都尽量保持低调,简单庆祝春节。 他说,尽管农历新年是一个欢乐节日,但人们都还在怀念阿迪南生前的风采,后者的功绩与理念,而每个人都有必要延续他的精神。 他指出,其住家的新春开放门户是延续其已故父亲拿督阿玛沈庆鸿在世时的作风,邀请各族一起庆祝新年。他认为,维持开放门户的传统非常重要,因为这是促进人们情谊的其中一个管道,倘若少了开放门户,只会令更多人选择出国避年,“年味”越来越淡。

Landmarks to be renamed in honour of the late CM

Chief Minister, Datuk Amar Abang Johari will consider the proposals put forward by the people to name existing landmark buildings in Sarawak in honour of the late Chief Minister, Datuk Patinggi Adenan Satem. Abang Jo said he is willing to consider such request made through both the printed and on social media. Many had suggested that Batang Sadong Bridge in Samarahan, Lanang Bridge, indoor stadiums in Sibu and Kuching should be considered in remembrance of the late CM who had done a lot for Sarawak despite only three years in the office. Abang Johari said he isRead More

SUPP Chinese New Year open house.

More than 3000 people turned up at the SUPP open house at the party headquarters yesterday. President of the party, Senator Datuk Dr. Sim Kui Hian who is also the Minister of Local Government, said he thanked the people for coming despite the heavy downpour. Dr. Sim said it is good to keep the best tradition alive – celebrating and sharing the joy of the occasion, irrespective of race,  and religion.

President SUPP CNY open house

Thousands of people from all walks of life turned up to pay their chinese new year visit to Senator Datuk Dr. Sim Kui Hian and family at their residence on the first day. He said many  people have advised him to do his personal open house in a Dewan or Hotel balloon in view of the congestion (people and cars). His replies is the ambience and the spirit of the personal open house is not the same. He has since followed the Open House practice started by his late fatherRead More


砂拉越人民联合党于大年初一在党总部举办新春团拜,与各族人民一起庆祝新春佳节。 出席的嘉宾包括州元首敦丕显斯里泰益玛目与夫人杜潘拉嘉古迪泰益、首长拿督阿玛阿邦佐哈里伉俪、副首长拿督阿玛道格拉斯伉俪、副首长兼人民党主席丹斯里詹玛欣、前副首长兼人联党名誉主席拿督巴丁宜丹斯里陈康南和前副首长丹斯里阿弗烈查布等。 由于已故首长拿督巴丁宜丹斯里阿迪南沙登于本月11日逝世,为了表示尊重,人联党今年的新春团拜没有舞狮演出,同时时间亦缩短至一个小时,从上午10时开始举办至上午11时。


砂人联党主席兼地方政府部长拿督沈桂贤医生于大年初一首天开放门户,达官显要和民众踊跃出席,向他贺节。 出席者包括州元首敦丕显斯里泰益玛目与夫人杜潘拉嘉古迪泰益、副首长拿督阿玛道格拉斯伉俪、前副首长丹斯里阿弗烈查布伉俪、首相署部长拿督斯里南茜苏克里及联邦妇女、家庭与社会发展部长拿督斯里罗哈尼阿都卡林等等。 以党中央秘书长拿督陈超耀律师为首的党领袖也向沈桂贤贺节。

Sharing Chinese New Year joy with oranges.

Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) Sibuti members  and Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) Piasau jointly distributed mandarin oranges to shoppers at the Everwin commercial centre in Taman Tunku  to share the joy of chinese new year with the people . Sibuti MP Ahmad Lai Bujang, Piasau assemblyman Datuk Sebastian Ting, Miri Mayor Adam Yii, councillors of Miri City Council (MCC) as well as local community leaders participated in the event. Ahmad Lai said Sarawak being a multi racial community, is one that all other races celebrate each other festivities inRead More


有备无患,未雨绸缪!砂地方政府部长兼石角区议员拿督沈桂贤医生担心新年期间豪雨成灾,除了做好各项救灾防范和准备,也为选区内三座水灾甘榜黑区提供船只和引擎,方便一旦发生水灾,可以在第一时间疏散灾黎。 三座甘榜是甘榜上湾头( rantau Panjang )、甘榜双溪登雅(Tengah Sungai)及新纳布迪拉玛(Sinar budi lama) 沈桂贤今日(大年除夕)亲自将船只移交给各甘榜代表。

Provision of boats for flood prone areas

State Local government, Senator Datuk Dr. Sim expressed his worries that there may be flood during the next few weeks due to the continuous rainy season. He said all preparation has to be taken. He also provided three small boats to the flood prone areas which included Rantau Panjang, Tengah Sungai and Sinar Budi Lama.

SUPP President CNY message

In conjunction with the arrival of the Year Of The Rooster 2017, SUPP leadership at all levels – Central Working Committee, Central Youth, Central Women, and all branches and sub-branches – would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone and all at home a Chinese New Year full of joy, harmony and good health. This festive season is an important time for the Chinese community. It not only represent reunion and unity, but also – just like fellow Malaysians of other races in their festive periods – a timeRead More


砂土保党实务地区部与砂人联党卑尔骚支部领袖于日前一起在美里东姑村派发年柑,预祝民众新春快乐。 参与者包括实务地国会议员阿末莱、卑尔骚区州议员拿督陈超耀律师、美里市长俞小珊、美里市议会市议员和当地社区领袖。 阿末莱表示,这项活动目的是与民众一起感受佳节气氛。砂拉越是个多元种族和谐相处的地方,这是大家所引以为荣的,在每个佳节,大家都一起庆祝。 而陈超耀表示,借着派发年柑活动,可以拉近领袖与民众的距离,有机会与民众交流。

Lion troupe eye-dotting ceremony at SMK Chung Hua Miri

Members of the school board including its vice- chairman Chai Min Kian and Piasau assemblyman Datuk Sebastian Ting, attended the lion troupe eye-dotting ceremony at the school compound which is an annual blessings in conjunction with the Chinese new year. After the eye-dotting ceremony, guests were led to the activity hall, where Ting was given a surprise birthday celebration with a birthday song performance by the school brass band and presented with a cake.

Sharing the joy of Chinese Spring Festival

YB Senator Datuk Prof Dr Sim Kui Hian, Minister of Local Government was invited to attend the 2017 Chinese Spring Festival by The Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary of the People’s Republic of China to Malaysia, H.E. Dr Huang Hui Kang and MDM Shumei in Kuala Lumpur on 25/2/2017.

Sarawakian expectations on new Abang Jo era

The Former chief minister, Adenan Satem passed away of heart complications on 11 Jan, which ended what is popularly known as Sarawak “Adenan era”. The sixth Chief Minister, Datuk Amar Abang Johari, was sworn in on 13 Jan, opening a new political era in Sarawak. To the high expectations of political observers as well as ordinary citizens, Abang Jo have stressed on many occasion, that the Adenan policy and philosophy will continue. This is a good news for all Sarawak people. In one of his early statements, he stressed thatRead More


日前八点地的居民要求砂拉越人民联合党公共投诉局主任叶耀星协助解决当地的问题;其中包括第17,30,39,43巷的道路损坏严重及第30巷非法倾卸垃圾的问题。 居民们要求公共投诉局向有关当局反映当地的问题并希望可以尽快修补受影响的道路及解决非法倾卸垃圾的问题。居民们也要求设立标牌以警告不负责任的民众不要在民安路乱丢弃垃圾。 收到请求后,砂拉越人民联合党公共投诉局主任叶耀星偕同人联党哥打圣淘沙支部前往八点地视察以寻求解决方案。叶耀星已将相关问题向公共工程局及南市市政局反映并希望有关当局可以尽快解决问题。 砂拉越人民联合党公共投诉局感谢南市市长拿督曾长青及南市公共卫生部的协助下已开始第30巷非法垃圾堆积处的清理工作。 叶耀星也要求南市议会官员增加在八点地的道路检查次数与维修、及就非法倾卸垃圾的问题加强执法以维护公众的利益。 砂拉越人民联合党公共投诉局已做好准备并尝试通过相关部门解决影响社区的公共议题。人联党公共投诉局已准备好为面对相关问题却不懂得如何处理的民众伸出援手。任何相关事宜可联系人联党公共投诉(016-7797688或082246999)或亲临人联党总部。

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