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Facing The GE 14

Though the election is not due till next year, a number of political observer is predicting that it will be held this year.

This is due to the political scenario as reflected in both the mainstream as well as online alternative news portal. Many news, analysis and commentary have pointed out the upheaval within the opposition grouping.

Political observers have seen how established politicians who have left the ruling coalition are forming new political parties. Even within the alternative coalition, the public have seen the disagreement between quarrelling factions, some even leading to a breakaway and led to the formation of new opposition groupings.

On the other end of the political spectrum, the ruling government is seen as having done a lot for the country in term of attracting foreign investment, fostering good foreign relation with both the west, middle east as well as the East.

The hard hitting alternative media however have been going all out criticising the state of governance of the ruling government coalition, both internally as well as through the foreign media. Quoting sources only known to themselves, they try very hard to convince readers that the country is going bankrupt, the ruling politicians are corrupted and short of saying, the country is going to the dogs.

These negative articles, commentary and analysis is not only published in a number of western media, alternative media websites and also through the subliminal spreading through Facebook, Instagram as well as WhatsApp.

Those who are limited in their intellectual maturity and are unable to assess, or refuse to consider verifying,  the validity of these claims unknowingly forward these news to others, thus spreading the news further. The availability of smart phone and other connectivity technology enable the spread of these news far and wide to all the spectrum of society.

Students and observers of political science know that even though elections can be won by parties who can convince voters to vote for them by bringing issues close to their hearts, there is a question whether they can keep these promises when they win and take over the government.

To quote a glaring example, in one state won by the opposition in the last election, one of the numerous promises made to voters was that they will receive free water. Upon winning however, when the people did not receive what was promised, it was explained that water is a federal matter and it was beyond their responsibility as a ruling government of a single state. The fact that promise was made knowing it cannot be fulfilled can be interpreted as an outright lie.

The face of a true party worth voting by the people is one (including a coalition) that not only make promises, but able to keep it. This is not only important when they were voted in, but seen and helping out the people’s problems even if it is not an election period.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, in a recent published announcement, said the Barisan Nasional is ready for the 14th General Election (GE14) even if it is called earlier. This should be an alert for political observers to take note.

15 April 2017

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