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Wong Ching Yong views on MCO

SUPP Dudong branch chairman, Wong Ching Yong said the enforcement of MCO in Sibu is a correct measure to contain the spiking of positive Covid-19 cases caused by the Pasai Siong cluster. If MCO were not enforced in Sibu, then the number of Covid-19 poditive cases in Sibu will be out of control like what is happening in Sabah and West Malaysia.

“The health care capabilities of Sibu Hospital is now under severe stress. In the last few days, Sibu Hospital had to test about 2000 PCR tests. It is uncertain if Sibu Hospital has sufficient manpower and equipment to conduct more PCR tests if more people come to the hospital for PCR tests. To the best of my knowledge, almost all the medical officers and supporting staff such as nurses in other departments in Sibu Hospital are now directed to join the Covid-19 ward effective tomorrow ie 15th January 2021, ” he said.

He reckoned due to enthusiastic response from the people in Sibu who are concerned about their possible exposure to the Covid-19 carriers, it is natural that the number of positive cases increases. From the theory of statistis, more tests more results.

The best way to avoid Covid-19 is to strictly comply with SOP eg stay at home, wearing face masks, hand hygiene, social distancing etc.

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