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Willfred Yap asks for telephone poles to be straighten in Stampin Resettlement Scheme

SUPP Public Complaints Bureau Chief cum Kota Sentosa Branch Chairman, Wilfred Yap urged the authority concerned to straighten a few leaning telephone poles at Lorong 35 Stampin Resettlement Scheme.

Yap said the residents were scared that the poles would topple in the event of trong winds and as it was the year end season, the weather would be more stormy.

He said after receiving the complaints, he notified Telekom Malaysia Berhad who send a team to deal with all the problematic slanting telephone poles there.

Yap added that the residents at Lorong 35, Stampin Resettlement Scheme also complained to him on the poor drainage condition of the earth drains which are blocking and impeding  the  flow of water causing stagnant ponding of water. The people, he added, always have to put up with flash floods everyime there is a downpour. The residents had requested for upgrading works from earth to concrete drains to prevent flash flooding and waterlogged roads.

Yap said he will appeal to the Federal PN and State GPS Government to allocate development funds for upgrading works of all the earth drains to concrete drains to resolve the problems of the dilapidated drainage situation which is long outstanding.

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