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Thursday, September 10th, 2020


Dr Sim: SUPP à party which serves the people

SUPP is unlikely to field a candidate for both State and Parliamentary seat should the Sarawak election and General election be held togethers, said its President, Dato’ Sri Dr. Sim Kui Hian. Speaking at the Chung Fatt Tang Temple celebration at Kenyalang Park yesterday, Dr. Sim when asked whether he is going to stand in Batu Kawa (state) or Stampin(parliamentary) seats, he said there is no finalising of names yet but believed that it is not logical at the moment. He said for the State seats where SUPP will beRead More


砂拉越人民联合党公共投诉局主任兼圣淘沙支部主席叶耀星日前在八点地进行例行探访时接获居民们的诉求。 八点地第35巷居民投诉有多支电话柱倾斜,危害公众安全。人联党公共投诉局收到投诉后已向马来西亚电讯公司反映,电话柱现已修复。人联党公共投诉局感谢马来西亚电讯公司迅速且有效解决问题。 居民们也投诉由于沟渠堵塞而影响水流量,所以居民们希望可以尽快提升当地的排水系统以防止在雨季发生闪电水灾。 砂拉越人民联合党公共投诉局代表八点地居民呼吁联邦及州政府可以拨款将土沟提升至水泥沟渠,解决困扰已久的问题。  砂拉越人民联合党公共投诉局已做好准备并尝试通过相关部门解决影响社区的公共议题。人联党公共投诉局已准备好为面对相关问题却不懂得如何处理的民众伸出援手。任何相关事宜可联系人联党公共投诉(016-7797688或082246999)或亲临人联党总部。

Willfred Yap asks for telephone poles to be straighten in Stampin Resettlement Scheme

SUPP Public Complaints Bureau Chief cum Kota Sentosa Branch Chairman, Wilfred Yap urged the authority concerned to straighten a few leaning telephone poles at Lorong 35 Stampin Resettlement Scheme. Yap said the residents were scared that the poles would topple in the event of trong winds and as it was the year end season, the weather would be more stormy. He said after receiving the complaints, he notified Telekom Malaysia Berhad who send a team to deal with all the problematic slanting telephone poles there. Yap added that the residents at LorongRead More

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