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Dr Sim: SUPP à party which serves the people

SUPP is unlikely to field a candidate for both State and Parliamentary seat should the Sarawak election and General election be held togethers, said its President, Dato’ Sri Dr. Sim Kui Hian.

Speaking at the Chung Fatt Tang Temple celebration at Kenyalang Park yesterday, Dr. Sim when asked whether he is going to stand in Batu Kawa (state) or Stampin(parliamentary) seats, he said there is no finalising of names yet but believed that it is not logical at the moment.

He said for the State seats where SUPP will be contesting, he has submitted all the names and in some constituencies, two names were submitted. “At the end of the day, whoever works harder and is more popular will be nominated,” he said.

Not wanting to speculate on how they will fare, Dr. Sim said SUPP is definitely not a party that ‘hit and run’ during the election where candidates can be seen during the time but it is a party that serves the people with a sincere heart and not thirst for power.

For the general election, Dr. Sim said if it were to be held together, he would have no problem as they are prepared for both state and general elections. And SUPP will contest in the 7 tradition seats. He said the decision lies with both PM and CM on whether the State or General election will be held together.

Despite the many new parties sprouting up, Dr Sim said Malaysia is a democratic country and not only the parties, even individuals can contest in any election.

“That is why I call the voters to study the characters of candidates. There are many kinds of politicians, many are opportunists who make noises during elections and then disappear. Then there are those who said they need to be in power, otherwise they cannot serve. We also got a politician who had been a leader for 22 years and returned to ‘tipu’ the people like the last general election. Then after 22 months, the people saw through their colors.  Like us, I always tell my people, go to the ground and serve. We have to be passionate about our work. Never mind the hardship and criticism as our duty foremost is to serve the people and give Sarawakians a better life,” he said.

Comparing the competence of running a State like managing Covid 19, Dr. Sim pointed out that a State that can handle a crisis well is one of good governance. He said Sarawak has handled Covid 19 crisis very efficiently as the State government is concerned about the well being of Sarawakians.


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