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Do not make promises you do not want to keep, Tnay Li Ping says to DAP

Batu Kitang SUPP branch Secretary, Tnay Li Ping scoffed at the agenda carried out at DAP for using the same tactics to bluff the people as State election looms near.

Tnay said during the recent DAP Stampin annual general meeting (AGM), one of the resolutions passed was to ensure that the PN government recognised Unified Certificate Examination (UEC).

“When they said that, it makes me annoyed that they are playing politics all the time. During their 22 month-old rule in Pakatan Harapan (PH), they should have inked the promise made then. But they did not despite the political power in their hands. There are six Chinese cabinet members out of 42 in PH and do not tell me that they did not push for UEC to be recognised during their meetings. Afterall, it is part of their manifesto pledges,” said Tnay.

Stating that DAP is good in playing politics to gain political mileage, Tnay believed that Sarawakians are smarter than they thought and would not be hoodwinked by them any longer. With the technology of today, people can unearth promies made by them during the last election and they can see for themselves the many promises not kept.

Asking DAP to show results instead of just shouting and promising, Tnay said no one believes “the boy who cries wolf” all the time.

As sincere politician, the best is to go to the ground to do and prove to the people your worth. There was no point in promising to change things but failed when there was actually an opportunty there.

This time, when they recycled the UEC tactics, it is not only confusing but embarrassing, Tnay added.

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