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DAP fails

DAP has failed to safeguarded its so-called rights and interests in the short 22 years of its ruling so they are not believed if they start talking on the rights of Sarawakians.

Organising Secretary of Batu Kitang, Gerald Goh, in a press statement issued said former Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohd stated that it is in the interests of Petronas that they could not afford to pay Sarawak thus DAP did not dare to fight for and honor the 20% oil tax in Sarawak.

“The Ministry of Education forced the Jawi language to be implemented in Chinese primary schools and also failed to recognised Unified Certificate Examination(UCE) despite their promise to do so.The Pakatan Harapan cabinet approved the continued operation of the Lynas Rare Earth Plant, but the DAP MPs quietly did not object,” he said.

Goh pointed out that a lot of promises made were not carried out by the Pakatan Harapan government and in their 22 months rule, Sarawak’s interest was gone as DAP did not speak out for Sarawak.

Thus, Goh added that during the recent slandering ofthe Bible, it is better for DAP to keep quiet as usual instead of making a drama out of it as both the ruling and opposition parties legislators had condemn PAS MP on the issue.

He added that even Lim Guan Eng also throw mud at Sarawak for stating that it will be bankrupt in three years’ time. Goh said Sarawakians have lost a lot during the PH rule and should vote such a Malayan party out in the coming election.

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