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Monday, September 7th, 2020


SUPP Pujut distribute masks

SUPP Pujut together with SUPP Krokop distribute face masks to hawkers and public in Krokop 10 Market and Commercial Center today.  Pujut Chairman, Adam Yii who is also Mayor Miri said, “we must keep alert, stay safe to prevent next wave of pandemic although Miri is in green zone currently”.


砂拉越人民应该珍惜州内27个民族和谐相处,融洽文化交流,相互尊重生活在砂盟领导的政府下。 砂人联党埔奕支部组织秘书许赞宏针对西马”拆广告牌”事件接受报界发表谈话是指出,砂拉越不是马来亚殖民地,我们务必全力捍卫立国契约,只有砂拉越政党和砂拉越人治理,才能捍卫砂权益,并把极端份子,及极端作法拒在门外。 他说,当火箭,蓝眼是反对党时,他们不断煽动人民情绪,开出一大堆空头支票,2018年胜选 执政后,结果竞选诺言样样落空,执政22个月里,大砍砂州各项已批准的计划,联邦减少州拨款,单单美里瓜拉巴南海口,浦育大道GK 前面改善交通拨款被砍一分不剩,反而西马各州不停拨款, 他说,林冠英身为财政部长,除了大砍砂拉越拨款,拒还拖欠款外,还大事宣布”砂拉越将破产” . 这样的西马政客,值得我们尊重吗? 前任首长阿迪南就任两个月内能承认独中统考,拨款华校,希盟政府欺骗人民,没有实现竞选诺言100天内承认独中统考,执政22个月里早就忘了对砂拉越人民的承诺,只顾争权夺利,老百姓疾苦辛好还有砂政盟政府倾力处理。 许赞宏指出,行动党在槟州执政10年,西马很多州也是希盟执政,大家睁大眼睛看看那边的路牌,商店招牌 ,华社,华教拨款,再比较那边咖啡店,跟砂拉越有好比吗? “我们生活在一个多元民族融洽社会里,我们只有变的更好,西马政客早就想控制我们了。”

Do not make promises you do not want to keep, Tnay Li Ping says to DAP

Batu Kitang SUPP branch Secretary, Tnay Li Ping scoffed at the agenda carried out at DAP for using the same tactics to bluff the people as State election looms near. Tnay said during the recent DAP Stampin annual general meeting (AGM), one of the resolutions passed was to ensure that the PN government recognised Unified Certificate Examination (UEC). “When they said that, it makes me annoyed that they are playing politics all the time. During their 22 month-old rule in Pakatan Harapan (PH), they should have inked the promise madeRead More

DAP fails

DAP has failed to safeguarded its so-called rights and interests in the short 22 years of its ruling so they are not believed if they start talking on the rights of Sarawakians. Organising Secretary of Batu Kitang, Gerald Goh, in a press statement issued said former Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohd stated that it is in the interests of Petronas that they could not afford to pay Sarawak thus DAP did not dare to fight for and honor the 20% oil tax in Sarawak. “The Ministry of Education forced the Jawi language to be implemented inRead More

SMK St Joseph appeals for more fund to complete restoration work

The Old Josephians’ Association (OJA) organised a Virtual Ora Et Labora Run 2020 due to Covid 19 instead of the yearly physical run, said Organizing Chairman Ora Et Labora Run 2020 Jason Yeo.  He said they managed to register 350 participants and raised RM4,742.00 for SMK ST JOSEPH MILL HILL BLOCK RESTORATION project which had started last month.  Yeo handed over the money raised to SMK St Joseph Board of Management Acting Chairman Christopher Chua witnessed by former board member, Tan Sri Datuk Patinggi Dr. George Chan at a dinnerRead More

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