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Datuk Sebastian Ting reaches out for help

The authorities has responded positively as Malaysia High commissioner in Ajuja, Nigeria and Malaysia government are presently working on bringing back stranded Malaysians there.

The Malaysia High commissioner in Abuja is in the process of negotiating with the Nigerian authorities to bring back the Nigerian-based Malaysian people in the near future, said Piasau Assemblyman, Datuk Sebastian Ting.

Authorities concerned are aware of the predicament of 39-year-old Malcolm Goh who with 30 other Malaysians had been stranded in Nigeria since February.

Ting contacted the foreign ministry office and his former colleague there. There were others who also lend a helping hand to Goh by contacting relevant authorities.

Ting said the Foreign Ministry had sent an email to the Malaysian High Com in Abuja, Nigeria and has received a respond from them.

Ting said from what he gathered, the High Commission there has been in constance contact with Goh when he alerted them of his and other Malaysian predicament.

Goh has set up a whatsapp group with other Malaysian hoping to gather them together to return but with no positive outcome, some have left the whatsapp group.

Ting added that the Malaysian Commission in Nigeria has been trying their best to help all Malaysians there including those in Benin, Cameroon, Chad, Central African Republic, Equatorial Guinea and Gabon.

He said Malaysian High Commission in Abuja is constantly updating all the latest developments to Malaysians in Nigeria, including those planning to bring the Malaysians home.

Goh, a Subsea Inspection engineer with  around 30 Malaysians have been stranded in Lagos, Nigeria for the last two months and was unable to return to Malaysia after the pandemic of covid-19.

Goh when contacted by Utusan Sarawak stated he and the others were frustrated as there were nothing positive for the past few months. He said authorities there had been helpful but nothing yet was moving.

There were many cases when they almost made it back but things changed at the last minute.

He was also worried about the mental welfare of some of his fellow countrymen who were frustrated at not being able to return back.

Goh said due to the closure of Lagos airport, the only means of transport is via chartered flight which they are willing to pay an acceptable cost to bring them back to their families.

Due to the vast number of cases in Africa, the group were also worried of their well being.

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