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SUPP resolved to stand in all its 20 traditional seats

In the coming Sarawak Election, SUPP had earlier resolved that SUPP *would* field their candidates for Election in all its 20 traditional seats including Opar, Mambong, Engkilili, Dudong and Bawang Assan, said Datuk Sebastian Ting, SUPP Secretary General.

All these years, he said they have continue to go to the ground non-stop and had been working together with the communities to bring in economic progress and development to their constituencies, especially in the rural constituencies where welfare and subsidy are big issues.

He expressed his gratitude and joy with the response and support coming from the communities and other GPS component parties. “The spirit of cooperation and relationship from all GPS parties is tremendous and awesome.  We firmly believe this will continue to grow stronger as all GPS Parties’ primary objective is to strive and safeguard, protect and fight for the best interest of Sarawak and the people of Sarawak,” he added.

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