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Night market to close, says Mayor Miri Adam Yii

The Saberkas night market for the Ramadan has to close despite its operating a few nights ago, said Mayor Adam Yii.

This was to ensure the safety of the Miriams due to the covid 19. Yii said a discussion was held between the hawkers and the authorities concerned before they allowed the market to operate but due to the difficulty in enforcing the SOP like social distancing, they were forced to close it.

Yii said he understood that there are some people who were unhappy with the decision made but it was all for the good of all as they did not want a new cluster of covid 19. He said there were too many people patronizing the stalls when it was opened and it was impossible to comply with the SOP.

Yii was speaking at the blood donation drive today at Malaysian Red Crescent, Miri District. The blood donation was to help build up a blood stock for Hari Raya and Gawai holidays.

It was organized in conjunction with the 15th anniversary of Miri city day where all the programs were cancelled due to the coronavirus situation.

He said the blood donation was a commendable exercise as it helped to save lives. A total of 42 persons donated the blood yesterday. Since March 25 this year, a total of 611 persons had donated blood to the Miri hospital blood bank.

Also joining the blood donation were Daut ak Empading (60 pints) and his wife, Puan Florine ak Berawon (16 pints)

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