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Padawan Municipal Council assessment rate

The due date for payment of the first half year 2020 assessment rates has been deferred from 31 May 2020 to 31 October 2020. 

Residential properties paying annual rates of RM400.00 or below shall still continue to enjoy discounts ranging from 30% to 100%. 

Under the Sarawakku Sayang Assistance Package, the Sarawak State Government has discounted the assessment rates by 25% for commercial, industrial properties and residential properties paying an annual assessment rate above RM400.00. As for properties affected by the 25% discount, the Council has generated the new assessment rate bills with the 25% discount. These bills are currently being despatched by the Council. 

Ratepayers who had already paid the first half 2020 without the 25% discount will have the overpayment of rates credited to the second half 2020 bill. Those who had paid both the first and second half year 2020 assessment rates without the 25% discount will have the overpayment of rates credited to the 2021 assessment rates.

Ratepayers who are unsure of the amount of assessment rates they need to pay  or have not received their assessment rate bills or have mislaid their assessment rate bills are requested to contact Padawan Municipal Council at Kota Padawan, Kuching. All telephone enquiries can be channeled to MPP at 082-615566. 

Payment of assessment rate bills can be made at all the Payment Counters at MPP, Service Sarawak Counters @ UTC, DBKU, MBKS, SESCO, KWB, Pos Malaysia Bhd and H&L Supermarket Outlets. Ratepayers can also pay online by accessing The latest mode of online payment is using Sarawak Pay where the ratepayer with internet banking can scan the QR Code printed on the assessment rate bill and pay.

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