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Datuk Sebastian Ting and Mayor Adam Yii help hawkers

State Assemblyman for Piasau, Datuk Sebtastian Ting and Mayor Miri, Adam Yii went to the Lorong 10, Krokop, Miri market yesterday morning to help the hawkers to register Sarawak Pay and other Merchant accounts.

Ting said a team of SUPP with councilors were there since 9 am to assist hawkers who have no idea how to apply for the two Sarawak government Stimulus packages to assist them during the Movement control order (MCO).

One of the package was RM1,500 and another RM750. He said some had registered but did not know how to go online to access the accounts.

Ting said the majority of the hawkers were not in the ‘know’ of how to register or use the service.

He said after servicing the Krokop market, they will move to other markets. Hawkers, he said, can also called for the mobile team to help out which included councilors, Piasa and Pujut SUPP members.

Reminding the public not to bring out their children and elderly parents to the markets, Ting said it is better to be safe than sorry even though Sarawak has no positive case the last few days.

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