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Kho asks Finance Minister to focus on trade initiatives 

SUPP Central Women Section Chairman Kho Teck Wan is in the opinion that the Finance Minister Department should focus on trade initiatives that will generate more income to the country, instead of turning to rakyat to increase national income.

According to Tun Daim, under the Minister of Finance, 8 million warning and inquiry letters were sent out to rakyat from the Inland Revenue thus far. Not only that, new taxes were introduced such as the oversea travel tax, soda tax, and e-commerce tax. City in Pakatan Harapan’s state such as Petaling Jaya now impose license and signage fee on advertising outside the commercial building as well as inside the building.

All these moves will increase the cost of goods which will then be transferred to the consumers. In view of the increasing cost of living, I would like to urge the Minister of Finance to change the strategy, focusing on how to increase national income through other avenues.

Kho Teck Wan

Kho Teck Wan

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