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Dr. Sim Kui Hian projects in Batu Kawa

Minister for Local Government and Housing,  Datuk Sim Kui Hian announced that Batu Kawah has approved 22 township transformation plans (RTPs) with a total value of RM5 million this year. Some of the engineering blueprints have been completed and are expected to be start soon.

Dr. Sim who is also the Assemblyman for Batu Kawa said the approved projects include upgrading infrastructure such as drains and roads, multi-purpose halls repair, prayer rooms, mosque upgrading and construction of leisure parks.

He revealed that since he was elected as an ADUN in 2016, he has made good use of the rural area transformation plan provided by the State government annually to promote the construction of basic facilities in Batu Kawah for the people. So far, more than 80 development projects have been implemented within these three years.

Datuk Sim said that his constituency promoted 24 township transformation plans in 2018, and the projects were handed over to the relevant units of the Padawan Council, DID, Kuching Water Board and JKR.

In addition to the basic construction of roads and drains, Datuk Sim disclosed that he has also succeeded in obtaining additional funds from State government to add street lights in Kampung Rantau Panjang, Kampung Desa Wira , Kampung Sinar Budi Lama and Kampung Sinar Budi Baru.

Sim pointed out that in addition to the state rural transformation plan grant from Adun, the constituency also received the project plan approved by the State Government (Project Rakyat) to build the Batu Kawah Riverside Park and the Malaysian Road Archives System (MARRIS) funds to repair the constituency road.

He assured the Batu Kawa residents and the public that GPS will carry out their promises made to them and that they will continue to upgrade the infrastructures needed.

batu Kawa

Dr Sim looking at the on going projects.

Dr Sim looking at the on going projects.

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