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Dr Sim urges JKR Sarawak to ensure safety first during road construction

State Assemblyman for Batu Kawah, Dato’ Sri Dr Sim Kui Hian with JKR Sarawak and road contractor went to view on road safety which are under construction in Batu Kawa.  

Dr. Sim who is also Minister for Local government and Housing said he has been reassured by JKR Sarawak (Pan Borneo) that the road contractors will improve and will  do the necessary this month after the road safety audit in August as JKR Sarawak has taken over the Pan Borneo project management from Federal JKR in March which were delayed due to COVID-19. 

He told JKR Sarawak and road contractors that the residents understand the inconveniences of road work but road safety to the residents user must not be compromised. 

Dr Sim said in Western countries, any death of any road users during the construction is not acceptable and it is for us too. In Western Countries, he added, any of these negligence (even unintentional) are not just subjected to blacklist or fine but even jail term. 

He urged the road users to be the eyes and ears and report any of the road safety issue to the authority. He assured that JKR Sarawak will share information with the local residents for any new changes on road works from time to time.

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