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Unbecoming of a leader who does not show gratitude

Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh  said who bad mouth the person who had helped his political career all these years revealed his true character, said Kho Teck Wan, SUPP Woman Central chief.  

“Leaving SUPP without resignation to join TERAS in 2014 was why he was sacked by SUPP. In less than three months later, he formed UPP and pledging loyalty to Najib. After GE 14 UPP changed the name to PSB in 2019 and he pledged loyalty to Tun Dr Mahathir and now is now attacking GPS in which he was a member of the leadership and cabinet for the same coalition for more than 30 years. This is unbecoming of a leader, said Kho”.  

This year, she added marked  the 50 years partnership of SUPP and PBB.  

After the first Sarawak state election in 1970, SUPP together with Sarawak Alliance  (Parti Bumiputra Sarawak and Sarawak Chinese Association) formed the first Sarawak Coalition Government. Like any partnership there will be up and down but after 50 years the partnership remain strong and SUPP remains a royal partner of the coalition. 

“As Wanita Chief of SUPP, I believe in unity and working together with our political partners in GPS, moving forwards so that we can realise the dreams of a strong united, prosperous Sarawak. We believe the best of Sarawak starts after 2023,” she said.

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