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Masing unhappy with PSB

Deputy Chief Minister, Tan Sri Dr. James Masing said what he had predicted over the forming of United People’s Party (UPP) now Parti Bersatu Sarawak (PBS) as a breakaway party to SUPP came true as the leader, Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh started criticing GPS. 

” When UPP was formed I was not in favour of such move as it will break the unity parties in Sarawak. That was then Sarawak Barisan Nasional.  After GE14 we became GPS. However, a few of my colleagues in GPS thought my commments were not neccesary and criticised me for it. I knew UPP/PSB are not good for our unity in the State, ” he added. 

Masing pointed out that the President of PSB was not sincere in his intentions and did basically nothing to help the people of Bawang Assan despite of being 29 years as its elected representative. 

” Even when he declared full support to then Datuk Patinggi Abang Johari, I still  did not believe him. Now his true characters come to the surface. My sympathy  to those who believe in him,” he added.

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