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Sebastian Ting helping students by providing masks

Piasau State assemblyman, Datuk Sebastian Ting who is also Assistant Minister for Tourism, Arts and Culture with community leaders and councillors  continued to distribute face masks to  SMK St. Joseph Miri and SMK Chung Hua (CF) Miri.

A total of 1130 pieces of face masks was for SMK St. Joseph and 1830 pieces for SMK Chung Hua (CF). 

While visiting to SMK St. Joseph,  JKR officers were there and showed Ting the completion of the walkway.

He thanked JKR and Contractor for helping the school.

Ting had finished giving masks to 18 schools in his constituency. 

Thanking all the headmasters and teachers for their kind wishes, he said every one should continue to fight Covid-19. 

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