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Sim Kiang Chiok on RM 2 Billion Petronas Payment

SUPP Stakan Branch Chairman, Sim Kiang Chiok called to all Sarawakians to rejoice and celebrate the great victory that has been scored by the GPS government against Petronas the only oil company that disputed our unalienable rights upon all the oils and gas on our land and in our waters.

He said the landmark decisions made in the Federal courts and most most recently in the High court where Petronas were compelled by the courts to pay the 5% SST charges because Sarawak was within its rights to impose as such.

“Now with the 2 billion payment for 2019 paid to us we should all thank the tireless and fearless work of our brave CM YAB Datuk Patinggi Abang Zohari bin Tun Abang Haji Openg for fulfilling his promise to ensure our rights prevail and that Petronas paid their owed taxes just as Shell, Murphy Oil and Pertamina have done.

Now with the covid-19 pandemic it is timely that this sales tax collected can be considered to assist all Swkian in this difficult economic times in future stimulus package  to prevent us from falling into prolonge major  foreseeable economic recession, “he said. 

Our Chief Minister, added Sim never waivered from this mission and along with his legal eagles led by the Sarawak Attorney General Datuk Talat Mahmood Abdul Rashid  and his special executive, Assistant Minister of Law, State-Federal Relations and Project Monitoring YB Datuk Hajah Sharifah Hasidah bt Sayeed Azman Ghazali who ensured victory at every turn during this saga.

The teams first win was making Petronas apply for mining operations Permits and Licence  from PETROS our state owned company that was given the rights to manage all operations on Sarawak behalf of the government.

Now that all the companies operating in Sarawak are in line we believe that the future will be better for our children and future generation in our beloved Sarawak.

However he was offenced by  the opposition members who have been active in the media making baseless accusations especially at the expense of Sharifah Hasidah. 

These cheap shots and creative writings, he stated, are getting the people riled up for no reason whatsoever and are really an unwelcomed distraction to all Sarawakians in this crucial time when Sarawak is beginning its venture to reopen to business whilst fending off the Covid 19 Pandemic.

He called upon all Sarawakians to come forward as Sarawakians for Sarawak and make Sarawak first in their agenda and reject this baseless gutter politics, which is designed to earn cheap publicity for a basically unknown entity in Sarawak politics.

SUPP Stakan thanked  CM for his clarification yesterday and hoped that other opposition members who sit in the MA63 committee will come forward as did former opposition member YB Willie Mongin and put an end to this vicious fear mongering.

He echoed the statement from  DUN Speaker Datuk Amar Awang Asfia that none of our MA63 or OMO rights were eroded and any change to that status must first be proposed by MA63 committee made up of bipartisan elected members from GPS, PKR, DAP, and PSB before the DUN can even debate any changes to our Swk Rights and not any individual.

So all Sarawakians, he noted, can take cognizance in the fact that only the DUN can change our rights regarding oil and gas mining for which the OMO which precedes the PDA74 and will take precedence and prevail as it was reflected in the decisions made in both the federal and high courts. 

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