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SUPP Youth Central Deputy Chairman Andrew Victor Nub urged Puncak Borneo MP Willie Mongin to start work genuinely for the benefit of the people in Puncak Borneo constituency and not to steal ideas.

Andrew said this in response to the recent remark by Willie claiming that the earth breaking ceremony of Siburan clinic is one of his achievements being a Member of Parliament from Pakatan Harapan (PH).

According to Andrew, the Siburan Clinic project was initiated and approved under the previous government administration during the term of the Late Datuk Seri Dr. James Dawos.

The Project was in the final stage for issuance of tender to begin the construction work prior to General Election 2018 where PH came in power. “ YB Willie Mongin should have acknowledge the contribution done by his predecessor, the late Datuk Seri Dr James Dawos and the previous government in bringing the Clinic to Siburan. However this fact was left out by PH government and they instead claim for themselves the hard work in bringing the project. This is the case of claiming glory on other people success.”

Andrew, who is also SUPP Mambong Branch Youth Chief, pointed out that the health clinic has always been the desire of the residents in Siburan area. Thus, the decision by federal government in ensuring the continuity of this project is a right move.

“Nonetheless, we look forward to see our new MP for Puncak Borneo to come forward with his genuine initiative, so not to disappoint the people in Puncak Borneo and the Sarawak people as a whole. To show his sincerity in representing Sarawakians in the parliament, we expect him to speak out and fight for what is rightful for Sarawak, which were promised by PH in their GE14 campaign, for example health and education autonomy for Sarawak, giving back 20% oil royalty and 50% tax collection from Sarawak etc.”

Andrew said that Puncak Borneo Residents and Sarawakian as a whole are still evaluating the performance of the PH government, and as yet PH is still playing the politic game in the expense of the rakyat.

The Tabling of National Budget in Parliament we hope to see more funds and development to be channeled to Sarawak and I hope YB Willie is able to bring in more funds to Puncak Borneo as what his predecessor Datuk Seri Dr James Dawos did during his term in office, this will be a test of his capability as a member of Parliament.

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