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Using social media responsibly, said Kho Teck Wan

SUPP Woman Chief, Kho Teck Wan expressed her sympathy to the family of the 16-year old girl who jumped from her rented house at MJC early this week.

The teenage took her life after she asked her friends to take a poll whether she should die or live. 69 percent said she should die.

Such tragic death, said Kho served as a reminder to us all to focus on family and be a more responsible social media user. Social media is not a place to seek professional mental health help but netizen can help by calling attention, and reporting the potential suicidal case to relevant authorities and family members.

According to the National Health and Morbidity Survey, she added,  Sarawak ranked fourth in Malaysia with 35.8 per cent of those 16 years old and above suffering from depression while 16 per cent were children aged 15 and below.

“I would like to urge social media users to be compassionate and considerate, as the former US President Ronald Reagan said, “We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.”  Let us be gentle in our words and make someone’s day instead of break them.It is imperative that parents be attentive of their young children’s social media activities, and seek immediate help should their children display any self-harm act,” she said.

Life is precious, therefore I urge those who need mental health counselling or suffering from depression to seek professional help. Anyone who need mental health counselling or know of someone who need help can call the Sarawak Department of Women and Family’s helpline at 1800225566 or 082448866. The Mental Health Association of Sarawak also provide counselling service in English, Malay and Mandarin every Monday and Wednesday from 8.30am to 1pm, she added.

Kho Teck Wan

Kho Teck Wan

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