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Thursday, June 11th, 2020


Wilfred Yap meeting hawkers and petty traders at Kota Sentosa

SUPP PCB Chief  Wilfred Yap together community leaders and  SUPP 7th Mile Sub-Branch members meeting hawkers and petty traders at  Kota Sentosa Market KUCHING: SUPP Kota Sentosa Branch Chairman, Wilfred Yap, with community leaders and SUPP 7th Mile Sub-Branch members met up with the hawkers and petty traders at Kota Sentosa Market to listen to their predicament and to record their particulars for purposes of checking with the relevant authorities on the disbursement date of the Sarawak GPS Government financial assistance. The hawkers and petty traders wondered when the SarawakkuRead More

Dr. Sim satisfied with the completed prokects in Batu Kawah

Batu Kawah State assemblyman, Dato Sri Dr. Sim Kui Hian did a spot check on two Batu Kawa’s projects yesterday to see if the projects had met the standard requirement set by the relevant authorities and free from any defect. Dr. Sim expressed satisfaction on the two projects were the recent completed Segubang Lorong 1drainage system clearing project and Lo Ti Kong’s Jalan Stone Swallow water supply upgrading project. At the Jalan Stone Swallow water supply upgrading project, the big water pipes laying works was been completed last week despiteRead More


砂拉越人民联合党公共投诉局主任叶耀星日前接获7哩小贩及商家们要求向有关单位询问由砂拉越政府所推行涉及总额达2千250令吉的“我亲爱的砂拉越”援助金的发放日期。 在收到请求协助后,叶耀星偕同人联党7哩分部成员及社区领袖前往圣淘沙菜巴刹与摊贩们进行会面,并聆听他们所面对的问题及记录个人相关资料以便与有关单位查询他们的援金的发放日期。 小贩及摊贩们也告知叶耀星这疫情严重影响他们的生计,因此他们呼吁政府迅速发放2千250令吉的特别援助金,因为这将大大减轻他们的经济负担。 与此同时,小贩及摊贩们感谢砂拉越GPS政府所推行的特别援助配套,这将大大减少因疫情而给他们的生计带来的负面影响。 叶耀星希望联邦国民联盟政府及砂拉越政党联盟可以持续评估,确定政策的优先次序,以缓解Covid-19造成的经济放缓;并通过改善砂拉越人的生计或就业机会来加快经济复苏进展。 人联公共投诉局主任叶耀星将积极协助任何影响当地居民的民生问题及以维护公众的利益,而他强调将会尽其能力来解决影响社区的公共议题。 人民联合党公共投诉局已做好准备并尝试通过相关部门解决影响社区的公共议题,任何面对相关问题却不懂得如何处理的民众伸出援手。任何相关事宜可联系人联党公共投诉(016-7797688或082246999)或亲临人联党总部。

Migrant workers need to be tested, Kho Teck Wan

SUPP Woman’s chief, Kho Teck Wan calls for caution on migrant workers infected with covid-19 as an Indonesian worker was tested positive.  “I am glad to see that swift action was taken by the Ministry of Health, police and sarawak disaster management committee yesterday where a surprise operation was carried out at the construction site where the positive COVID19 cases were detected. I was informed that the operation involved a large number of enforcement and health officers to ensure no construction workers escaped the site while assessment and COVID19 testsRead More

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