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Statement from Youth Central Chairman

SUPP Youth Central Chairman Tan Kai made the following statement following the UPP function yesterday.

1) Every political party has the right to express their political wishes in a democratic country. In the case of UPP, if they intend to become BN friendly party, it has to be unanimous consensus within the BN instead of from 1 or 2 BN leader.

2) UPP is urged to show their sincerity to support BN since they continue to stress that they support BN. In the coming Sarawak state election, UPP should support all the BN candidates including SUPP candidates to prove whether they are “ Supporting BN” or “Jeopardizing BN”

3) The conduct of using BN logo before being accepted by BN will damage their effort to be BN friendly in future.

Date : 12.01.2015

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