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Road repair – Padawan Municipal Council

A stretch of road which was about 230 meters long below the Batu Kawa bridge is being upgraded and completion of the road would be by the end of this month.

Padawan Municipal council, Lo Khere Chiang who visited the site today with JKR Kuching division engineer, Awang Mohd Fadillah said a lot of complaints had been made about the road a year ago.

However, he said due to shortage of fund, they had to delay the project.

“Now that we have obtained the fund of RM300,000  we started immediately on June 25,” he said.

Earlier on, Mohd Fadillah  said the water problem will be solved in Siburan area will be solved soon as they had obtained the fund to construct a pipe from Siburan to Tapah area.

Mohd Fadillah said there  are 100,000 residents staying in Kampung Siburan, Tapah and Beratok causing the water pressure to be low at peak hours.

He said once the project which is under the 10th Malaysia Plan is completed, they will solve the problems once and for all.

Lo, third right with JKR engineer

Lo, third right with JKR engineer


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