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Tanah Puteh Health clinic tent set up

Sarawak United Peoples’ Party (SUPP) Youth Central Secretary-General Milton Foo pledges to undertake in setting up a new tent in front of Tanah Puteh Health Clinic, as a sheltering for the public while waiting for the medical treatment.

Foo, who was in course of his social service in Pending area, visited the clinic this morning whereas public are undergoing Covid-19 swab tests. As what he has been told by the clinic staff, a total of 80 people went for testing from 8 am to 12 noon yesterday. However, the number increased to 90 people this morning for the period from 8am to 11.30am. To his understanding, the test report can be obtained as soon as 48 hours after the test.

According to Foo, Drive-Thru screening couldn’t be carried out at Tanah Puteh Health Clinic due to its limited space. Not to mention the lack of parking lot aggravate the problem which caused a lot of inconveniences to people driving to the clinic.

In this regard, Foo urged anyone who wish to go to Tanah Puteh Health Clinic for testing, try the best in arranging their time to go after 10 am, because there will be long queues between 8 am and 9 am.

“During my visit, I learned that a strong wind had blown down an outdoor tent yesterday, I hereby would arrange to set up a new tent as soon as possible, preventing the people waiting outside from suffering from sun and rain.”

Meanwhile, Foo also expressed his gratitude to the medical staff on the front line for their selfless effort and dedication. He then called on the public to take preventive measures at all time in order to fight the epidemic and protect Sarawak.

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