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Upgrading the earth drains at Jalan Ketitir

One side of the earth drain at Jalan Ketitir will be upgraded by the Sarawak Government as the other side of the earth drain is the responsibility of the private developer after the road there is upgraded to dual carriageway to cater for the private development including 400 stalls market.

Local government and Housing, Dato’ Sri Dr. Sim Kui Hian said they look into the issue as flash flood is a daily occurance there when it rains. He said he was told that it was since Jalan Stapok Utama was build 15 years ago.

Dr Sim recently witnessed the handover of Letter of Award to the successful contractor (cabu undi) for $800,000 drainage upgrade from earth drain to concrete drain by DID Sarawak (implementing agency) from acting director Ir Law Wee.

Dr sim witnessing the handing over of work to the contractor
The earth drain that overflows in raining days

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