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Dr. Sim Kui Hian blasts Violet Yong

Local government and Housing Minister, Dato’ Sri Dr Sim Kui Hian expressed disappointment that COVID19 has been around for so long and Violet Yong is still not aware of the various SOP around including those under essential service approved by SDMC before departure but instead she chose to play political drama to the public gallery.

He said he had apply SDMC and upload the necessary attachments including his PCR test for the trip to KL.

“My stay in KL was strictly for the meeting and no where else with less than 15 hours in KL for the whole trip. The safety of fellow Sarawakian is most important for me, ” said Dr Sim.

He added that MP attend Parliament and Sarawak Government officers attending important meeting like the Petronas the other day are under essential services category with the criteria as in the SDMC infographic.

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