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Lo Khere Chiang calls to DAP to fight for funds for Independent Chinese school

Batu Kitang State Assemblyman, Lo Khere Chiang expressed his disappointment with the government’s budget for education as it has not allocated funds to the Independent High School and the three other private colleges.

Lo believed that this is very detrimental to the government’s goal of building education for all.

“In this regard, we call on the DAP, which has 42 members of parliament, to fight for reasons, especially the former Minister of Finance Lim Guan Eng.

Since it can obtain budget allocations for religious schools, there is no reason not to support independence and the other three colleges. Whether it is a government school or an independent high school, they all adhere to a common concept and goal, which is to cultivate talents for the country. Therefore, the government should treat schools of all origins including independent high schools fairly, ” he said.

Lo added that the original 2021 Budget did not include funding for religious schools too. Later, after Lim objected, the Finance Minister agreed to it later. Therefore, we hope that Lim can also use the spirit of fighting for funding for religious schools.

In fact, the federal government, he stated, whether it was the Pakatan Harapan or the current one should fix funds to the Independent middle schools and Chinese primary schools every year.

He added from the time of the late Tan Sri Adnan, the Sarawak government allocated 3 million to 14 independent high schools in the whole country, an increase of 1 million every year, and this year is 9 million.

“We believe that we will continue to receive funding next year, and the amount of funding may even increase. increase. In addition to independent secondary schools, the Sarawak government has also set up a Chinese primary school affairs unit to deal specifically with the development, expansion, and relocation of all Chinese primary schools. This is the first government in Malaysia to have such a unit. Sarawak government has done a lot for the Chinese Schools, ” he said.

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