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Bridge needed at Batang Lupar

Batang Lupar Bridge mega bridge project has been terminated by the previous PH government at the expense of Sarawak’s interest, said Milton Foo.

Foo who is SUPP Youth Central Secretary-General cum Kuching Port Authority board member has bombarded the PH-led government in cancelling the RM848 million Batang Lupar Bridge project which was approved by the BN government on 50:50 sharing of costs basis among the Federal & State government

When the PH came into power in 2018, they including DAP cancelled our bridge projects of Batang Lupar Bridge and Batang Rambungan Bridge totalling at RM946 million, the former at 5.2 km in length more or less which will be the longest bridge in Malaysia upon completion. Notwithstanding that, the GPS-led Sarawak government still decided to proceed with the construction of the two bridges at our own costs by looking for funds by ourselves for the benefit of the people of Sarawak adhering to the principle of ‘Sarawak First’.

“While DAP promised Sarawakian the stars & the moon, including the 20% oil royalty and one-off RM2000 “petrol bonus” to every Sarawakian every year, we witnessed that during their 22 months in power, not only they cancelled our infrastructure projects in Sarawak including the Batang Lupar Bridge, none of the election promises in their manifesto has come into reality to benefit Sarawak. Most Sarawakians are now awaken to see the true colour and the true face of the Malayan-centric & Malayan-based coalition party, DAP in particular, which commands the largest number of MPs & Aduns in the country, ” he said.

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