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Datuk Sebastian Ting personal views on his visit to Tusan Beach Bekenu

Recently, our local newspapers reported new interesting discoveries at Tusan Beach. One such discovery is the “Lion head” structure.

At 5.05am, my friend picked me from my house, and we went to Mosjaya to join another friend for a cup of coffee and a vegetable pau, after we set our journey to Tusan Beach at 5.40am thereabout

The drive was smooth, as there was less vehicles on the road then. And we arrived at our destination at 6.25am thereabout.

We saw the sign “Pantai Tusan” displayed at the top of the nearly completed building. To the left is the head of a horse, with the words “drinking horse”, which unfortunately was “taken away” by the sea, couple of months ago. on 22nd February 2020.

We successfully searched for an access to go down to the beach.

We walked towards the Miri direction for about 15 minutes tjereabout and discovered few interesting structures formed and shaped by the natural elements, the wind, the rain, the sun and the fierce waves.

One such structure appears to resemble the head of a Lion, from a distance, thus now known as Lion head.

Some of the structures or features were not there a year plus ago, according to one of the ultra marathon organisers.

Some portions had collapsed and then came the new structures.

We found one structure which might assemble a small baby horse head drinking water from the sea. I attach a photo.

Erosion is serious and relevant authorities should immediately visit this place and adequate steps must be taken to protect and preserve these new “Lion’s head” and “Baby Drinking Horse head, as they are potentially tourist attractions.

We do not want to lose them to the sea.

When free, please bring your family and visit Tusan Beach. Take a walk in the morning during the weekend and then proceed to Bekenu for lunch, the fanous ikan “betutu” or “soon hock” and prawns too. The air is really fresh.

When arranging to visit Tusan Beach, please check the weather and the calender for the tide. Must always avoid the high tide as it is likely to pose a danger.

For tourism products, the Ministry of Tourism Arts and Culture Sarawak. Perhaps Federal Ministry of Tourism Arts and Culture should also be invited .

For coastal protection, i think NREB should be the revelant Ministry. Take care and go visit the interesting beach.

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