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Michael Tiang says PSB not grateful

SUPP Youth Chief Michael Tiang stated that Wong Soon Koh, President of PSB  is not only a disgruntled politician, but also an utterly ungrateful person to GPS Government which has advanced his career. 

“I wish to remind WSK that it is a fact that he left SUPP by first joining TERAS together with a group of disgruntled SUPP members in 2014. Not long after joining TERAS, he left TERAS to form a new political party UPP. After forming the new party, he immediately claimed that UPP was BN friendly. Our then Chief Minister the late Adenan Satem continued to include him in his cabinet, even after 2016 state election. This is a friendly gesture by the then BN Sarawak to include him in the state government for the common good of our State, albeit UPP was never a BN Sarawak component party, he said. 

During 2016 State Election, Tiang said the then Chief Minister, Adenan even gave him and his party UPP chances to contest under the BN banner as direct candidates. SUPP was even willing to campaign together with all these UPP direct candidates and continued to serve together with UPP ADUNs on the same side for the interests of Sarawak as well as Sarawak government’s visions for our State. 

In 2018 GE14, he pointed out, SUPP also agreed to allow the late Andrew Wong, Wong’s son to contest in Sibu parliamentary seat under SUPP’s seat quota. SUPP also campaigned for Andrew Wong a UPP candidate for the common interests of BN SARAWAK. Again these are friendly gestures from YAB CM Abang Johari and other component parties which intended to give chances to UPP to be in the GPS government, although UPP was also never a component member party in the newly formed GPS.

“Nevertheless before the tenure for the present state cabinet ends, Wong himself declared his resignation from the cabinet and once again chose to lead his disgruntled members to form another new political party PSB. Instead of being grateful to the blessings and various opportunities given by all GPS component parties namely PBB, SUPP, PRS and PDP, PSB under the leadership of Wong went around to pull disgruntled party members from PRS and now PBB with a clear intention to challenge GPS. Moreover, Wong also took chances to criticize GPS government on various issues, particularly state finance matters which he himself was the 2nd Finance Minister in the GPS cabinet and yet never mentioned those criticisms during his tenure in the cabinet, ” Tiang said.

He reminded Wong that before he slander CM Abang Johari, he should remind himself and his party leaders that the only reason he and his band of disgruntled ADUNs and MPs are now moving on the ground as people representatives, they were all made ADUNs and MPs under the big umbrella of PBB, SUPP, PRS and PDP, with Baru Brian and See Chee How as the only exceptions!

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