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Sebastian visits historical site of mini dam

Piasau state assemblyman, Datuk Sebastian Ting together with Miri Hashers and friends went in to the woods in Canada Hills to look at a mini dam which he described as amazing. 

According to one of the senior members, Ting said he reckoned that this waterfall was built during World war 2 when the Japanese first entered Miri in 1941. 

“The structure of the waterfall is still in a good shape with blocks of bricks lining together and the whole structure look like a mini dam. According to a senior member, the small pond-like place could be a” Sento’ for bathing by the Japanese soldiers. 

Ting who is Deputy Minister for Tourism, Arts and Culture said he has sent the related video and pictures to Kuching Ministry office and reported what was discovered in MIRI, with a suggestion that some studies and investigation be done so that the history of this place can be revealed and shared out. 

He added that, the place can also be of interest for university students who are taking history degree courses in Malaysia or in other countries. 

He believed that this place will indeed be another historical place for Miri.

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