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Dr. Sim Kui Hian checking the drains upgrading at Batu Kawa

Local government minister, Dato` Sri Dr. Sim Kui Hian disclosed that RPR Batu Kawa drainage upgrade (phase 2, back lanes) cost a total of RM599, 

Dr. Sim with MPP and Community leaders went to see work progress of 3 pilot (new design) back lanes drainage upgrade on this 38 year old RPR housing yesterday. 

He said the tasks proved to be challenging as some residents has extended their house not only to the boundary fence but beyond. 

He thanked the residents for their cooperation and understanding and said they can proceed with the rest of seven similar projects ($3,000,000 allocated for 10 projects). 

Last year, he added, they have successfully been implemented by MPP phase 1, front lanes, involving 18 road and drainage upgrading projects ($5,549,000). 

He expressed gladness that it not only improve much needed long overdue upgrading which gives the residents lots of conveniences (2-3 cars per house nowadays compare to 38 years ago), improve environment but also the appreciation of the house values. 

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