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Don’t oppose for the sake of opposing, says Adam Yii

SUPP Central Publicity & Information Secretary Adam Yii asked  DAP to first self repent and apologize to Chinese community for previously convinced them to give support to PAS which strengthen and make it stronger before they criticise GPS’s cooperate with PAS under Perikatan. 

He said GPS has already emphasize that they are only in partnership with federal government in order to form a political stable government, yet DAP purposely misled public and try to ignore the fact on their previous

cooperation with PAS.

In the past, Yii said all the DAP leaders keep protecting and support PAS, Lim Kit Siang convinced Chinese voters that by voting to PAS it is equivalent to give vote to DAP, Lim Guan Eng mentioned that PAS has never ever kill a Chinese, Anthony Loke also urged voters not to reject Hudud law, and DAP PAS was the alliance in Pakatan Rakyat before.

“PAS was a minority party before, but with the help from DAP, it becomes stronger and become the government of many states now.Sarawak government’s stands is to reject any extremism and racist contain influences by exercising our immigration autonomy to ban those extremist from entering Sarawak. 6. We regret that DAP never voice out their oppose to ex-Kedah MB Dato Mukhriz’s proposal to abolish Sarawak immigration rights in parliament,” he said. 

Yii added that it is not a surprise that DAP now demonized their previous long term support and cooperate partner – PAS in Pakatan Rakyat. In the past, DAP keep accused Mahathir as the most corrupted leader in the country, yet DAP now willing to cooperate with him to gain power and take over Putrajaya to form previous PH federal government and flatter him as hero to rescue the nation. This the true nature of DAP, whereby they are always no principle and own stands.

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