Statement by SUPP Central Women Chairman – 4/4/2019


SUPP Central Women Chairman echoes and supports fellow GPS leaders’ decision to delay the amendment of the Federal Constitution article 1(2). According to Kho, the amendment to article 1(2) was proposed in a rush but present no change to the status of Sabah and Sarawak. The amendment also was proposed without the consultation of Sarawak State Assembly.  According to the Malaysia Agreement 1963, Constitutions amendment effecting Borneo states also shall not be made without the concurrence of the Governor of the Borneo States.

Kho would like to remind Sarawakian once again that the any amendment on paper would mean nothing if the autonomies and resources are not granted to Sarawak.

“Although Sarawak Pakatan Harapan leaders shamelessly claimed the credit of starting the process of MA63 negotiation, all Sarawakian should know that the fight for Sarawak’s autonomy started by the late CM Adenan Satem.” Said Kho.

Kho would like to remind Sarawakian that in 2016, the MA63 technical committee setup during the previous administration had successfully completed the first phase of devolution of power. The late CM Adenan Satem successfully fought for 13 administrative empowerments to be delegated to the Sarawak government. Those administrative powers provide greater autonomy to Sarawak officers to perform administrative duties which were previously handled by federal officers. Adenan’s devolution of power negotiation with then prime minister Najib Razak resulted in greater administrative power to the Sarawak officers in the field of legal, education, medical, environmental, and traffic. This effort increased the number of immigration officers and Sarawak-born teachers stationed in Sarawak. Sarawakian is given greater opportunity to enter foundation studies program in UNIMAS. Housing and sports will be jointly managed by Sarawak and Federal. “ These efforts are not window dressing, they are real autonomies for Sarawak.” Stressed Kho.

“Current PH government promised Sarawak 20% oil royalty and the return of 50% sales tax collected in Sarawak. However, instead of delivering the promises, Sarawak was presented with the amendment of Federal Constitution Article 1(2).” Said Kho.

Kho viewed the proposed amendment to Federal Constitution as a delay and diversion tactics to distract Sarawakian from pursuing the real autonomies. Kho would like to remind Sarawakian that Chief Minister Datuk Patinggi Abang Johari had continued the fight for Sarawak by making the bold move of imposing 5% sales tax on petroleum products, and Sarawakian should stay focus on pursuing real autonomies.

“What is the use of amending the Federal Constitution when the people are suffering from increased cost of leaving, SST is being imposed to more items, Petronas continues to extract our oil and gas, and the Federal government continued to cancel Sarawak infrastructure development projects?” Kho asked.