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Monday, June 15th, 2020


Sebastian Ting continues to ensure Miriams stay safe during RMCO

SUPP Pisasu office packed  plastic bags with 2 face masks to be distributed to members of the public. Datuk Sebastian Ting, State Assemblyman for Piasau said they have so far distributed over 800 packets in a day. He said this was also to continue educating the people asking them to go out with masks and to adhere to the SOP as directed by the State government.  He added that it needs cooperation from the public to ensure that they will win the battle against covid-19. Ting also thanked the publicRead More


砂旅游、艺术与文化助理部长拿督陈超耀律师与美里市议员及卑尔骚支部执委前往巡视老人街,并派发口罩给民众,提醒他们注意防疫。 他之前接到消息,指暂时放置于警局的象棋桌椅已经归位于老人街,这些象棋桌椅于3月18日实施管制令后,被暂时搬到中央警局暂时放置,直至如今政府已经放宽后,警方已将象棋桌椅归放于老人街。 陈超耀说,老人街的确是一个热闹的地方,许多老年人都会到该处和老友们喝茶聊天或下棋,而他在场已经派出了将近400片口罩。 无论如何,他提醒民众做好防疫,出外须戴上口罩,尽量保持1米社交距离,以及常洗手,照顾好自己。

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