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Dr. Sim surprise by DAP Wong King Wei’s resignation

The announced resignation of YB Wong King Wei from Democratic Action Party (DAP) came as a surprise to many people of Kuching, said President of SUPP, Dato Sri Dr Sim Kui Hian. 

It’s regarded as a natural reaction as Mr. Wong is holding the position of state assemblyman of Padungan at this stage of time.

As DAP is an opponent party of SUPP as well as an opposition party, regarding the matter, he said he will not associate himself with any political speculation. 

“I’m quite impressed with YB Wong’s promise to serve the community of Padungan until the dissolve of state assembly, it means to fulfill the term of service, as he was entrusted with a noble electoral mandate. 

As noted, YB Wong has also announced his refusal to t be re-nominated as DAP Padungan candidate for next Sarawak election. 

YB Wong is providing our people food for thought by voicing out his disappointment over DAP’s refusal to listen to any dissenting voice and lack of inclusivity in opinion and viewpoints. 

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